Jamie Dimon targetting Dip? Makes Another ‘Fraud’ Comment On Bitcoin

jamie dimon

After his viral harsh comment on bitcoin, calling it a fraud, Jamie Dimon in a fresh interview on CNBC Tv, made another comment on bitcoin, where he stated…

It’s creating something out of nothing that to me is worth nothing,” he said. “It will end badly

Jamie said that the governments will crack down on cryptocurrencies if they happen to grow too large, whereas forgetting that some countries like Switzerland see the cryptocurrency as a new modern financial resolution.

One could wonder why Jamie seems too worried about bitcoin and why he keeps granting press conferences to speak on the cryptocurrency, this might mean that bitcoin is a threat to his job because of the widespread mainstream audiences that bitcoin has attracted.

This time he also said that cryptocurrencies are created out of thin air and are worth nothing but later said that he would love a Crypto dollar or Digital dollar created on the blockchain.

Why then should Jamie say that bitcoin was created out of thin air? bitcoin was created on a blockchain network and he stated he would love to have a digital dollar or crypto dollar created on the blockchain network.


JP Morgan might also be in trouble for the CEO earlier calling bitcoin a fraud and instantly the price declined because of his comment as JP morgan securities allegedly purchased a ton load of bitcoin.

The CEO’s fraud comment on bitcoin just to buy the Dip has been reported as a market abuse in Sweden, you can read more HERE.

What do you think of this second comment from Jamie Dimon, is it another market manipulation so as to buy more again? let us know in the comments below…