Should a case be filed on the CEO who tagged bitcoin as fraud and bought the dip?


There have been so many controversies this week on the bitcoin space, with strict regulations from china and the viral jamie dimon`s comment on bitcoin as a “fraud” .
Jamie made the comment which made round the buzz of the week and extremely viral which saw the bitcoin price on its recent downtrend, hitting below $2900.
Just yesterday as posted by @iamnomad on twitter, showing a trade of purchase of XBT  bitcoins from JP Morgan Securities limited, recall that jamie dimon said he would fire any of JP Morgan`s employee if they had anything to do with bitcoin. :  )

Bitcoiners has come out to say that they think a court case should be filed on jamie dimon for spreading misinformation and then taking insider advantage and buying stock load of bitcoin.
Few of the comments and posts that i was able to munch…

What do you think of the misinformation from jamie dimon ? , do you think a court case should be filed ? , thinking on the amount of people who lost huge amount after he made the harsh comment on bitcoin , let us know in the comment box below.
images via pixabay/iamnomad