Improved Desktop Version of Brave Browser Released


The privacy browser Brave, has gone through certain improvements and the version (0.58.21) released today for users to start enjoying the advantages of the new features present. The company announced the release less than an hour ago by press time on the official Twitter handle.

The post reads:

New Brave desktop release today (0.58.21) with more improvements to Brave Rewards. Now contributions and tips go to Brave Verified creators only, to address the user feedback we received recently.”

According to the announcement, the new upgraded browser has ads and tracker blockers which give users a fast, secure and private browsing experience. Apparently, there have been complaints about how contributions and tips from users who are meant to support content creators are being distributed. The new version will also solve the problem As all, contributions and tips from users will only go to verified creators only moving forward.

The Brave browser is free and open-source, which means many people contribute to developing it, therefore, increasing its reliability. The browser mainly exists to return privacy to internet users when surfing the net thus ensuring their safety from cyber attacks. The browser is linked to cryptocurrency Brave Wallet which uses Basic Attention Token (BAT) to reward users. The browser and wallet work together to reward users who can in turn support content creators directly.

Brave Browser is available for Windows 64 and 32 bit, MacOS and Linux. It is also available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Users can download the updated version of the browser here for all types of devices.


Technology such as the one underlying the brave wallet is needed at this time when internet security has become a serious issue especially for those using cryptocurrencies. There have been reports of several hacks, malware, and cyber jackings that have caused cryptocurrency users hundreds of millions of dollars.

Apart from the privacy it provides, the browser also has a feature that pays you in Basic Attention Token (BAT) if you choose to watch or see ads as you browse. This puts the power of advertising in the hands of the internet using user rather than advertiser and it is something that should be celebrated and encouraged.

The company is looking to create better versions of the browser as time goes by to improve user experience and make the internet safe and friendly for the millions of internet users around the world.