CREAMcoin Hard Fork and Swap to Code Version

CREAMcoin Hard Fork and Swap to Code Version

CREAMcoin Team is turning a new page, a new era begins for our development and project in general, new level and it’s about leaving the past experience behind.

In order to follow the latest blockchain development and latest technological necessities, and to protect investors CREAMcoin assets, we decided to go for a hard fork. New Creamcoin chain will be with much better possibilities for upgrade and integration in many new applications, platforms and hopefully overcome all the doubt and challenges in the future. In that matter, each one of you CREAMcoin holders has to swap your current CRMs with the new CRMs coin.

Why are we doing this?

Many of you asked for the detailed road map of CREAMcoin project, besides the general road map what we have on our official website, we provided our CREAMcoin timeline, which is retrospective of the things what we’ve done so far in CREAMcoin project, and trust us, it wasn’t easy.

Begging with the listing by the community listing on Nova Exchange, which wasn’t in coordination with the CREAM Team, then the online wallet issue because of the API, the BTM development and CREAMcoin integration in it. That was the begging of the main problem. In order to integrate CREAMcoin in the BTM and to release our CREAM Android wallet, twice we did code update and one porting to a higher version, which was not enough to resolve the issues and pursue further development.

The trip to Delta Summit in Malta gave us all the indications and conclusion that we have to go for CREAMcoin hard fork to the latest version and upcoming swap.


Creamcoin new code and specifications

Algo: Skein
Block time: 4 min
Maturation: 40 blocks
Tx: 4 blocks
RPC port: 9005
P2P port: 9006
Halving every year

Guide how to CREAMcoin Swap?

Cream Team developed the automatic swap engine between the current old blockchain and the new CREAMcoin chain, or any blockchain in general, which is the new begging of endless possibilities. With this tool you can easily swap your current-old CREAM coins to the brand new chain coins, swapping rate 1:1. Hence no commission is charged for the procedure, other than the standard CREAMcoin cost for the transaction. In fact, users send us your old CRM coins, we burn it and fill up their wallet with the same amount of new CREAMcoin.

CREAMcoin was listed at Maltese based upcoming exchange, which is a game changer for all of us, in a matter of the upcoming swap.

This procedure allows our users to have the same amount of coins as they had coins, thus feeling comfortable.

CREAMcoin Swap process it will be for three months to be completed, so for that reason, the Swap engine is on the separately developed web-page :

As you know from the information on our Telegram channel we gave you the opportunity to test swapping CREAMcoins in between the current chain.
On the CREAMcoin swap engine you have to send the old coins to the main burning address, and in the same time provide CREAMcoin new address from the new chain.
In order to receive the new coins you have to have new CREAM address generated on the following ways:

You can generate a new address in the new CREAM Windows Wallet, Paper Wallet  or address at one of the Exchanges where CRM is listed with the new code.



Download here
Paper wallet
or compile your own using source code.

Exchanges that supports this swap and have new Creamcoin chain are:

The new source code is available on Github: 

Instructions for installing new CRM Windows wallet:

If you have installed old Cream wallet on your computer and you have coins inside, you don’t want mess right?
Following this short guide will save you a lot of time:
Download new Cream wallet and DO NOT START IT YET !
Go to C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming
Rename folder Cream to Cream123- before you rename it make sure that you close your old wallet
Only then start new Creamcoin wallet
Choose “custom” location folder for the chain, you can create a new folder.
Click yes and new Cream wallet will launch.
Get back to C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming and rename back “Cream123” to “Cream”

That’s all. Now you have both wallets on your computer, old and new.

CRM Paper Wallet is available for generation at  the following link: 

Just scroll around with the cursor and in few seconds, you will create your CRM Paper Wallet info.

Please make sure that you save you CRM address and CRM Private Key, so you will be able to import it in the regular wallet when you need it.

Using the CRM Swap Engine

We recommend to test the engine with a minimum amount of 10 CRMs, and after that, you proceed with larger amounts. The avarage swap time is a CRMs block time 4 min, or might take longer to find CRM block so don’t panic, it might take little longer, make sure that you copy your swap session_id while you are waiting. For swaps larger then 100000 CRMs it’s better to notify one of the admins on CREAMcoin Telegram channel or write an e-mail to, where you have to provide the transaction ID from the old chain  and swap session_id. The only reason for this is just because we keep the new CRMs in cold storage , and for larger amounts, we have to refill the swap wallet address.
The CREAMcoin swap will end on 1st of April, actually, that’s three months period where we expect to complete the swap from old to the new coins.

2. Generate new address on Bleutrade or where CRM is listed with the new code.

3.  It’s not official, waiting for confirmation from Nova Exchange for full support of CRM swap.  All other exchanges are notified about the swap and in a reasonable time frame, we hope that  CREAMcoin will be updated with the new code on each of them.

Mining Creamcoin

Creamcoin have official mining pool;

low diff: stratum+tcp://
high diff: stratum+tcp://
Fire up your rigs on Skein algo and start mining.

Getting the info and support for CREAMcoin Swap


The CREAM Team has managed to deal with every technical aspect of the swap, and now ready to move to proceed with the swap. However, there is one thing that is almost as equally important as the technical side is the information of our CREAM community.
We don’t want you to stay with the outdated version, do you? Instead, We want you all to switch to a new CREAMcoin.

CREAMcoin support will provide our community mostly on Telegram, smooth support with the fastest possible response, answering any emerging question.
CREAMcoin swap should be convenient and transparent for all CREAMcoin users, providing daily reports with detailed information on the number of coins swapped and burnt.
We wish you a nice, smooth and successful CREAMcoin swap.