Creator OF Javascript Records Over 3 Million Users On His Crypto Sponsored browser Brave

Creator OF Javascript Records Over 3 Million Users On His Crypto Sponsored browser Brave

Brendan Eich is not a new name the the world of digital technology. The brain box behind JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla has once again recorded an impressive customer feedback as Brave, the latest cryptocurrency sponsored browser created by the tech genius has reached a huge milestone as it garners over three million active users in barely a year and half since its “30 seconds” ICO sale was launched.
The 31st of May 2017 marked a very interesting and significant token sale for buyers when Brendan Eich announced that his website’s ethereum-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) was on sale.
In about thirty seconds, the token garnered a whopping $35 million and left tons of prospective buyers lamenting due to the swiftness in sale.
A certain buyer paid over $6,000 in form of Ethereum, while another buyer had gone as far as purchasing 20,000 Ethereum which was valued at about $4.7 million, both were unfortunately too late to partake in the time of the sale. Only 130 persons were able to purchase the BAT token, five of which bought half of it.
The browser creates easy access for users as it at eliminates website tracking and external advertisements, leaving only internal ads from the browser that generates payment in BAT tokens for publishers.
With over 18,000 registered content creators, 90% of which are Youtube and Twitch streamers, the browser possess as a serious competitor for Youtube, whose shared ad revenue fees are quite costly.
The Brave browser currently tops the Google Play Store to become of out of the 10 most downloaded free communication apps in over 15 counties. While the Browser is accumulate a large user base, Bitmain’s $50 million payment to manage control for another leading web browser Opera, is one to keep a close on, as the browsers further announced plans to create an in-built cryptocurrency wallet.
Further plans for the browser includes its partnership with Uphold a crypto trading wallet, where beneficiaries of the soon to launch opt-in ad which gives users and content creators token rewards will enable them convert their BAT tokens to fiat currencies for cash outs. With the new feature, customers are guaranteed 70% total of the gross revenue ads which is strictly exclusive to Brave-owned adverts.