Huge Expectations For Stellar (XLM) Amid Strong Push For Mass Adoption

XLM Soars As Stellar Edges Closer To Flipping Ripple In Race To Becoming Global Payment Solution

Every now and then, we hear stories of how XLM is about to go on a bullish charge. However, that hasn’t quite happened yet. In fact, Stellar is yet to perform as good as Ripple’s XRP. That’s despite the fact that the two projects are very similar. Ripple has positioned itself as one main and very direct competitor to Stellar.

Still, that’s not to say that Stellar isn’t preparing for something big. If the current hype around the crypto is to be believed, XLM is about to take off massively. In fact, according to some experts, XLM could soon hit the highs of $1.


The team at Stellar has been working tirelessly to get the project onto the global stage. Stellar has entered into various beneficial partnerships in various countries across the world. These partnerships are aimed at creating in-roads into the global financial market to make it easier for the project to market itself and attract a mass following. 

One of the most notable partnerships that Stellar has scored is with IBM. If this works out well as it did for the likes of Microsoft, then there’s no denying that XLM could be the next crypto to watch. Stellar has scored some serious partnerships in Africa and South America. 

Usefulness Will Create Demand

At the moment, XLM sits at position 11 on the charts, while its main competitor, XRP, is at position 3. That means Stellar has a long way to go before it can dislodge XRP from that top position. XLM currently trades at around $0.1, but that’s expected to surge upwards as Stellar scores more partnerships and comes with more use cases for the crypto. 


As is always the case, the more it’s useful, the more a cryptocurrency gets adopted, and the more its demand rises. A rise in demand is always followed by a price spike.