Four ways to Retain your Investment in the midst of Cryptocurrency Downtrend

Four ways to Retain your Investment in the midst of Cryptocurrency Downtrend

There are reports that the present decline in the value of cryptocurrencies might be as a result of the panic that the postponement of the decision that the Security and Exchange Commission ought to make this month about bitcoin futures and ETFs on investors.
Many investors are pulling their money out of the system in other to minimize loss, which has made the entire market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies within the market to reduce. However, this four ways could help to minimize loss and bring gain in the midst of high volatility:
1) Conversion of cryptocurrencies to stable coins: many are not aware that one of the best ways to reduce the impact of the negative trend in the market and safe your Fiat is to convert your coins to stable coins. The essence of this conversion is that it ensures that the value of your coins is not affected by the market volatility. One of such stable coins is Tether (USDT)
2) Conversion of your cryptocurrencies to digital currencies: before the evolution of cryptocurrencies, digital ecurrencies had been in existence. They are not affected by volatility but remains equivalent to your fiat, hence no need to worry about the U.S dollars gaining against it, since they are always same.
3) Lend your coins in short term: we have some legitimate cryptocurrency lending and borrowing platforms that pays lenders the stipulated interest within the agreed time. That means that the level of loss could be minimized if the lending was done in USD.
4) Invest in new tokens: discretion most be applied in taking this decision since it could backfire if they do not have a good project for it. So, you go through websites that list legitimate initial coin offerings that are almost ending and with good project and invest in them. This will make you to gain as many exchanges gets it listed with them.