FAWS Review: Cryptocurrency News Aggregator And Crypto Portfolio App

FAWS Review: Best Cryptocurrency News Aggregator And Crypto Portfolio App

Success in cryptocurrency investment or trading depends on the quality of information a trader has access.
Though there are lots of platforms to get reliable information, it’s still challenging trying to navigate through all these platforms in turns.
That’s where the FAWS application comes in. At first glance, the platform looks like all it does is to give top-notch cryptocurrency news articles that affect cryptocurrency prices. Apparently, it does much more. FAWS is an all-in-one tool for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, and traders alike.
With unique features such as news updates, coin price check utility, crypto portfolio, and coin price alert tools, platform users are sure to be one step ahead of the game while making wise investment decisions through the FAWS platform.
FAWS aggregates news from 40 top cryptocurrency news platforms world over, delivering credible news and press releases from platforms such as CoinDesk, Investing.com, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoin.com, Bitcoinist, UseTheBitcoin, and many more.

Best Features

FAWS Keeps You Up-to-date With Latest Cryptocurrency News
It’s best to sign-up, doesn’t cost you a penny. But on its homepage, FAWS displays news articles from your preference sites and on your coin choices selected.
With an excellent UI design carefully thought through with the user in mind, readers can choose what platform to get news events from and disable platforms they consider not necessary.
The Best Alternative For CoinMarketCap Platform
The Coins tab of the app gives you a live price of cryptocurrency coins and tokens in the market. Prices displayed on the platform are averages of top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world such as Bitstamp, Gemini, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Cryptopia, and CoinMarketCap.
Though market capitalisation ranks prices, it’s also possible to rank available cryptocurrencies by market volume, price, and percentage change.
It gets better as you can follow coin prices of your choice by clicking on the ‘star icon’ in front of coins you plan to keep an eye. Coins added to favourite are grouped and displayed on the “From Favorite” section of the Coins tab, and this makes following up on prices of currencies that matter to you much more easier.
Know Your Worth In Cryptocurrencies In One Glance
As much as there are third party cryptocurrency wallets which allow the storage of multiple coins and tokens, there is no one wallet available for all cryptocurrencies available.
This means you will end up having your cryptocurrencies stored here and there. The disadvantage of this is it’s difficult knowing how much crypto investment you have in total. To bridge this gap, the FAWS platforms provide a Portfolio section that allows users keep track of their investment by inputting the number of different cryptocurrencies they possess.
The best part is you don’t need to send your coins to the platform, which saves you a lot of worry about your cryptocurrencies getting stolen.
Get Notified When Coin Price Hits Where You Expect
Here’s one of the features that make the application stand out. You can put the FAWS application to work by it looking out for specific prices and notifying you via SMS. With this feature, you don’t need to seat at your desk all day, waiting for hours or weeks for a particular price to hit. The app takes care of that.
With a paid subscription, you can be alerted multiple times daily, but a free registration gives you a maximum of 3 alerts daily.
Final Thoughts
FAWS makes monitoring the cryptocurrency market incredibly easy. For now, the tools on the platform are all you need to be a better cryptocurrency investor.
Nevertheless, as the need arises, the platform is sure to add more exciting features in future, giving their users all they need to be successful.