Everyone Should Invest In Cryptocurrency – Jeffrey Wernick, Uber and Airbnb Investor

Everyone Should Invest In Cryptocurrency - Jeffrey Wernick, Uber and Airbnb Investor

Everyone should invest in cryptocurrency states Jeffrey Wernick, a stakeholder in Airbnb and Uber. This opinion is backed by his view on the validity of cryptocurrency as a medium to store a value in an interview with the Business Insider. Jeffrey’s idea is aligned with tons of crypto optimists, who see cryptocurrency as a means for valuable storage.

Cryptocurrency – The future of Value Storage, Beyond An Alternative To Send And Receive Money

Jeffrey Wernick, a stakeholder in Uber and Airbnb, made his optimistic view of cryptocurrency known in an exclusive interview with the Business Insider. In explaining why everyone needs to invest in cryptocurrencies. He gave an analysis of his thought. He states that many investors are still yet to grasp the essence of cryptocurrency, which he describes as being beyond just a means for sending and receiving money or conducting transactions, but a sure means to store value in digital form, which still gives more security.
On his certainty view of cryptocurrency, he says that cryptocurrencies will thrive, through the hassles of government agencies, financial authorities, and financial institutions are threats in some ways. The value will undoubtedly skyrocket beyond the present bullish trend we have seen of recent.
While he invites casual investors to invest in it, he states that,

“First, be prepared to lose everything you invest in, and wait for five years and don’t even think about trading it. If Bitcoin’s alive in five years, it’s going to be significantly higher than it is the day you buy it. Since Bitcoin had been created in 2009, it’s outperformed every currency, even with governments hostile to it, and a regulatory regime that’s an uncertain regime and the governments have been designing, have been managing it in a way so people cannot know what to expect. So it’s amazing the valuation it has today given the fact that it only faces, it only faces headwinds, no tailwinds. Every government throughout the world is trying to figure out how to stop and kill Bitcoin.”

Given the certainty of its survival of threats from institutions and the rise in value that follows, Jeffrey emphasised the need for everyone to invest in it at the present moment, to reap the inherent benefits in the future.
He further states on this that the first set of investors who had taken the risk at the onset of it will reap more than the second set of investors and the latter more than the third set until the price is stable and it becomes a tool for exchange.
Meanwhile, his opinion is buttressing another incurable optimist of cryptocurrency, Lloyd Blankfein, the  CEO of Goldman Sachs who states that crypto will not replace fiat currency but call it an act of arrogance to think it does not have any chance to compete against them.
He believes the present circumstance is similar to the stage when fiat currency replaced gold as a value of storage in 1972, and the possibility of progression of fiat currency to digital currency revolves around Bitcoin.
The optimism lay bare the view Mike Novogratz on the possibility of the bullish trend of Bitcoin to reach $20 trillion market capitalization.