Uber getting close to accepting Bitcoin ?

Khorosrowhahi new uber ceo Uber getting close to accepting Bitcoin ?
image source :gazettreview

Uber just announced that the New CEO of the global ride service is going to be Expedia boss, Chief Dara Khosrowshahi.

Khosrowshahi is a bitcoin investor and is always very inclined with the Crypto space, he is the CEO of Expedia inc a global travel agency and hotel booking service.

Expedia started accepting bitcoin in 2014 which is processed on coinbase by the Customers for their hotel bookings.

Khosrowshahi invested in the bitcoin startup for “21 inc” of which they reportedly raised around $116 million in the series B fundraising. A look at his profile on Linkedin shows that he is an active member of the professional Bitcoin P2P digital currency group.

He is yet to accept the offer from UBER, but one thing might be certain if he accepts the offer, there might be 70% chance that the global ride service Uber will key into the Crypto Space and might officially start accepting Bitcoin as a mode of payment for the ride service.


Although some Uber drivers have started accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment, it is still yet to be made official by the board.