EOS Raises To $5 As The Company Discovers A Way To Stop RAM-Steal Attacks

EOS Raises To $5 As The Company Discovers A Way To Stop RAM-Steal Attacks

Crypto investors have had some good reasons to smile in the last few days as the market stabilizes and crypto prices take an upward turn. Those who have invested in EOS have even better news to smile about. EOS has just broken the $5 barrier and went right into the $5.15 range.
By market capitalization, EOS takes a position in the market as the fifth largest coin in the crypto world, and has been one of the cryptocurrencies gaining the most in value increase within the last few days.
In the last 24 hours alone, EOS value has gone up by 4.71%, an impressive improvement that’s only behind MIOTA’s that stands at 15%. As a result of the price surge, EOS is now trading above the $5 range, with a current market capitalization of $4.6 billion and close to $440 million in volume traded within the last 24 hours.
Things Are Looking Up
In the prevailing market atmosphere, it’s pretty certain that EOS will break the $5.25 barrier to face the next resistance position at $5.50. If that works well, the crypto may well hit the $5.65 high that it stood at in the last swing.
Besides riding on the wave of the good market days, EOS has other factors playing in its favor. One of these is the effort put in by the team to find a way to stop issues of RAM exploit attacks in its network, and they have found the solution.
Before the patch was deployed, malicious users could steal RAM by transmitting huge amounts of garbage data inserted in rows in the name of the second address or account.
No More RAM Exploits
To prevent such cases from happening again, the team at EOS has developed a solution that works by transferring the cryptos to a proxy address that has no available RAM. The data sent includes the address of the original account that’s meant to receive the coins.
This new development further contributes to EOS top ranking among the various blockchain projects in China, with the latest ranking being the fourth of the kind. The ranking index was started in May 2018, and EOS has maintained the top spots for the third time in a row after beating Ethereum in the second ranking back in June 2018. EOS also takes the top spot in the Technology index ranking.