EOS Price Prediction: How Far It’s Come And Where It’s Headed

EOS Price Prediction: Will This Take EOS to $12 In The Coming Weeks?

Like other top cryptocurrencies by market cap, it is worth taking a look at EOS price forecasts and what the virtual asset has achieved so far. EOS is the eighth largest crypto asset by market valuation.

The cryptocurrency was launched by Block.one and its year-long crowdsale lasted between June 26, 2017, to June 1, 2018. In the history of ICOs, it became the fourth largest after raising $4 billion during the crowdsale.

EOS Price Performance

According to Coinmarketcap’s platform, EOS’ price as of July 1, 2017, was $1.03. However, three days later and precisely July 4, 2017, EOS surged to $4.10 with a market cap of $550 million. While that price is quite similar to the EOS value of $4.13 today, the cryptocurrency’s market cap has grown to $3.8 billion.

Nonetheless, being priced at $4.13 today is an 81.96% decline from its all-time high of $22.89 on April 29, 2018. The date goes contrary to when the majority of the top ten crypto assets (except Binance coin and Bitcoin SV) attained their all-time high between December 2017 and January 2018.

EOS Declines Contrary to Leaps in Other Crypto Assets

What’s even more remarkable is that while most crypto assets were gathering momentum in months before December 2017, EOS had done otherwise. For instance, EOS mostly traded at $1 for three months between July and September 2017. Throughout most of September and October 2017, it devalued and sold for less than a dollar.


EOS was, however, able to join the party later in December 2017, since it spiked to $13.18 as its high for the month. While the surge may have been majorly attributed to Bitcoin’s bull run in December 2017, there was more to it because EOS kept surging in certain months in 2018 until the bear market took a toll on it. The latter can be attested to its price of $15.03, $22.89, and $1.92 on January 29, April 29, and December 17, 2018, respectively.

dApps Running of EOS Blockchain Contend with Ethereum’s

On the other hand, dApps running on the EOS blockchain are contending with that of Ethereum which was undisputed.

Eospark.com also shows that about 3.2 million transactions have occurred on the EOS network, and there are over a thousand accounts and 4,230 tokens running on its blockchain.

Crypto Community Predicts EOS Price

The crypto community is also predicting how EOS will be priced by the end of 2019 and 2020. For instance, MaxDapp, in a YouTube video published on April 30, 2019, opined that EOS would hit $10 this year.

In the same vein, Ivan on Tech in a Livestream on May 30, 2019, remarked EOS’s listing on Coinbase, its global adoption and other news emerging from Block.one can help to spike the asset’s price. Crypto Tim, another YouTuber in January 2019 revealed that he had converted all the Ethereum in his portfolio to EOS and he is betting hard on the asset.