CZ Believes Bitcoin’s Supply Is Running Out Amid Rapidly Growing Institutional Demand

CZ Believes Bitcoin’s Supply Is Running Out Amid Rapidly Growing Institutional Demand

Grayscale has been hitting the crypto news headlines of late. Apparently, this firm has been on a buying craze for Bitcoin since the halving, and people are taking note of this.

Not Even Enough For One Buyer

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is one of the latest characters to take note of the buying offensive by Grayscale. In a tweet, CZ acknowledged that, indeed, Grayscale has been buying more BTC than is actually being mined. CZ shared a tweet with details of the amount of BTC mined as opposed to that bought.

Turns out, there have only been about 12,337 BTC mined since the halving. But Grayscale is said to have bought around 18,910 BTC within the same period. Technically, Grayscale could have bought all the Bitcoins mined since the halving and still not reach its buying target. Indeed, the investors buying Bitcoin through Grayscale may have actually seen its prospect.

Rise In Demand

The new development of Grayscale buying BTC in large amounts highlights the growing institutional demand for cryptocurrencies and most especially for Bitcoin. To that effect, the market could very easily turn bullish and favor the hodlers as demand accelerates price upwards. 

However, while institutions are accumulating Bitcoin, they don’t seem to have abandoned other cryptos like Ethereum. Many crypto whales are known to have been accumulating an assortment of target crypto assets. 


Is The Future Bright?

Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have managed to rise to popularity, with Bitcoin leading the pack.

Various governments are now toying with the idea of embracing cryptos. Some like China and Iran have hinted at plans to launch their own national cryptocurrencies.

In that respect, and with the growing expansion of the crypto and blockchain industry into the mainstream market, Bitcoin stands to gain greatly – it being the most popular and valued digital currency in the market.