Cryptocurrency Jobs Skyrockets in the U.S. Despite Recent Crypto Market Turbulence

Cryptocurrency Jobs Skyrockets in the U.S. Despite Recent Crypto Market Turbulence

US job markets are now inundated with blockchain technology openings, says popular job platform Glassdoor. The company’s research found that the highest number of openings in this category was for software engineers specialized inn bitcoin and blockchain technology. A close second were openings for Technology Architects and product managers, says the Human Resources-focused research firm.
The biggest employers were blockchain company ConSensys which is headed by Ethereum co-founder, Joseph Lubin and ex-blue chip IT giant IBM. Together they constituted 12-percent of all the bitcoin and crypto job openings on offer.
New York city was the highest employee of bitcoin engineers while San Francisco held second place at 24 percent of the blockchain jobs in the country.

Job stats

The statistics of the jobs announced are interesting as they offer a peek into the future growth of blockchain technology both in the US and globally as well. As per Glassdoor reports August 2018 was a blockbuster year for blockchain and cryptocurrencies jobs numbering well over 1,775 jobs in the US alone.
In comparison August 2017, the number of jobs offered in blockchain verticals was a mere 446.
The payment bandwidth for these blockchain companies were interesting to note as well. The starting salary, which can be called as the base pay for a role involving blockchain technology was $84,884 in a year. For those interested that is a whopping 62% higher than the average base pay in the US, which currently stands at $52,664 per year. At the highest end of the spectrum, $223,667 per year was the highest paid crypto opening.
Blockchain Job Growth
An important economic measurement in any country is the job market. The human capital major, in reporting their latest research findings revealed that in the past dozen months the openings for cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and blockchain has grown by nearly 300-percent. That the US is recording a massive jobs boom, is another influencing factor in these reported numbers of bitcoin –cryptocurrencies jobs by Glassdoor.
Glassdoor report says, “While the ultimate staying power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies remains to be seen, the blockchain job market seems primed to continue its rapid growth into the near future!”
Lubin, recognizable as the face of blockchain and is trusted widely as an influencer of all things bitcoin and blockchain technology. Founding ConsenSys in 2015, one of the first blockchain-based, software-company like company to begin operations in the US has been benchmarking the growth of this technology in the Silicon Valley thus far. ConsenSys has become the facilitator for smaller block-tech companies to incubate and integrate into the family of ethereum network that Lubin and his partner Vitalik Buterin co-founded with the Ethereum Project.
Lubin’s at the latest SXSW key note address noted that the future of technologies – from human space travel to film, culture, music or lunar landing will be lead by “new digital frontier” called blockchain technologies.
Glassdoor’s report validates the Ethereum-guru’s forecast religiously!