Crypto can now buy you citizenship. Screw public Acceptance ?

Crypto can now buy you citizenship. Screw public Acceptance ?

Cryptocurrencies since their arrival have been a blessing in disguise to the world of finance as well as many aspects of our lives. Customer power, freedom, anonymity and a whole lot of seemingly impossible things in the world of finance are now a reality thanks to cryptocurrencies.
Cryptos have also made their way into our daily lives and society and still continues to grow every day. Sectors such as finances, education, construction, medical care, property acquisition and a whole lot more are all now connected to cryptocurrencies to make service and accessibility easier.
A number of high schools and universities across the globe have started accepting cryptos for payment of tuition fees. The University of Cumbra, UK, the University Of Nicosia, Cyprus, the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, The King’s College in New York, and FTP University in Vietnam are all top schools, who have to align themselves with cryptos to experience unique features they come with.
KMP health Care in Jamsil, Seoul, Korea announced in June this year that the hospital was going to accept payment for medical services from customers in cryptocurrencies.
Earlier this year too, Ireland’s biggest homebuilder started accepting cryptocurrencies for payment, though it was only Bitcoin and other dominant coins on the market. Regardless, however, the recent development in the adoption of cryptocurrencies by some very prominent sectors of our lives only proves the point that Cryptocurrencies have gained massive acceptance as a viable form of payment, irrespective of the negativity around it.
Just last month, the government of Antigua and Barbuda announced that the country has officially amended its Citizenship by Investment Programme Act meaning that it now accepts Bitcoin and other cryptos as payment for citizenship.
The act also permits the purchase of citizenship in fiat currencies. According to their prime minister, the decision was influenced by market demand for cryptos now and it would also expand their market.
A lot of crypto investors are willing to undertake many projects but only in cryptos and such an initiative by the island will only go a long way in boosting their economy. Now that such a delicate aspect of our human lives have also succumbed to cryptos, it’s about time, experts and investors ignore seeing public acceptance as a problem.
Cryptos have been breaking barriers we never thought they could and they did all these whiles many doubters were still labeling it a fraud and a scam.
If these things had any major effect on cryptos, they would be dead by now but instead, they are gaining grounds now more than ever and it’s about time the public start seeing it as what it is, a thing of immense value.