Craig Wright says all Cryptos are failure except Bitcoin Cash, Calls Litecoin a Sh*tcoin

Craig Wright says all Cryptos are failure except Bitcoin Cash, Calls Litecoin a Sh*tcoin

Craig Wright, the polarizing blockchain figure who claims to be the real Satoshi, is not one to hold back his thoughts.  The Australian Computer scientist is the Chief Strategist at nChain and also a huge supporter of Bitcoin Cash, but he’s been known to feud with other blockchain developers and has become especially controversial ever since he’s publicly identified himself as the man behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.  
He was infamously dubbed “Faketoshi” by IOHK CEO and Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson after the two had a confrontation at the Transform Africa Summit 2018.
Wright has been sued, accused of plagiarism, perjury and is currently wrapped up in a 5 billion dollar lawsuit over defrauding victims of both bitcoin and intellectual property.  He also has a penchant for telling people how rich he is, and often uses his wealth as a way to validate his opinion.
Now the infamous yet powerful cryptocurrency figure is serving up more fire as he claims all other cryptos to be failures. Wright tweeted, “Bitcoin cash is bitcoin as it is the ONLY cryptocurrency to remain on the original path.

The failure is ALL others. Bitcoin’s original plan is the ONLY one that works”. He also went on the specially rip Litecoin as one of the original failing copies of the original cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Wright, is facing a lot of Backlash from Bitcoin supporters in response to this tweet. This latest contention reminds crypto enthusiasts of the original break in agreement in the cryptocurrency community. Bitcoin users didn’t see eye to eye on the issues of scalability and speed.
The original Satoshi himself said, the “bandwidth might not be as prohibitive as you think. A typical transaction would be about 400 bytes (ECC is nicely compact). Each transaction has to be broadcast twice, so lets say 1KB per transaction. Visa processed 37 billion transactions in FY2008, or an average of 100 million transactions per day.
That many transactions would take 100GB of bandwidth, or the size of 12 DVD or 2 HD quality movies, or about $18 worth of bandwidth at current prices. If the network were to get that big, it would take several years, and by then, sending 2 HD movies over the Internet would probably not seem like a big deal.”
According to Investopedia Bitcoin cash was created to implement “an increased block size of 8mb, to accelerate the verification process, with an adjustable level of difficulty to ensure the chain’s survival and transaction verification speed.”  However this move raised concerns amping developers about the security of Bitcoin Cash.
Craig Wright wasn’t incredibly detailed as he argues with Bitcoin supporters via Twitter, but maybe the original Satoshi answer on scaling gives us a clue to his deeper thoughts.