Computer Graphics Industry Becomes Powerful with Crypto rendering by Leonardo Render

Computer Graphics Industry Becomes Powerful with Crypto rendering by Leonardo Render

Blockchain technology is now a pet peeve of the computer graphics industry (CGI) and is all set to disrupt the deadline-intense creative industry beyond recognition. And it is not just movies which are not going to be the same again with comp-generated content, but will impact the creative industry across the board, touching upon social media content to cloud-shared data.
In fact, CGI itself is an infant industry and has been in coinage in the past few decades after big movie production houses in United States Hollywood used advanced virtual graphics to tell their stories.

Creative Industry growth

Lately, creative industry has grown by leaps and bounds as most entertainment consumers seek out visual content.  Thus, CGI is a high investment industry and is typically operated by several old-fashioned content production companies.
These usually sub-contract the entire process of creative output to smaller, niche graphic companies, with an eye on efficient production process, better quality and high standards of creative talent. CGI’s hallmark in recent years has been Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jurassic Park’ trilogy or the “The Lord of the Rings,’ trilogy.

Rendering in CGI goes blockchain technology

An important stage in creative content development is rendering. This is the process by which line drawings are filled-out to create photorealistic images.  Hence, this stage takes the longest time line in the entire CGI production life cycle.
And in the entertainment industry the longer the time spent in production, the higher is the money spent. Thus, it appears conventional production homes are looking towards blockchain to make the difference during the rendering stage of production.
Leonardo Render debuts
The highlight in the world of CGI, with the advent of blockchain technology has been Leonardo Render. This is a blockchain solution which users software to render the image. There software itself is placed on the blockchain. The processing power is drawn by Leonardo from the GPU mining facilities and brings out images in real time.  
This application software will offer several thousands of GPUs to create the cloud-based rendering service which is optimized for fastest speed.

OTOY alternative render

The other mentionable renders in this space is OTOY, which is works with cloud infrastructure and GPU, instead of the CPU of the local system. The infrastructure, therefore, encourages storing files in cloud storage and can be downloaded at any other geographic location.
In its current version, the platform is accessible to everybody who wishes to use the product. Hence, the biggest battle for this type of services is the fear of intrusions and compromise of integrity.

GOLEM gaining fans

Apart from the other two available programs, a third similar program – Golem is fast attracting business consumers. The rendering services offered by Golem will perform basic functions such as erasing content. Most importantly, the prices are user defined and is hence growing in its popularity among the user community. The blockchain uses the unused power or will rent it to others to drive faster rendering of projects.
CGI is quickly emerging as a blockchain dependent industry. The new technology should increase quality and render them in the fastest possible time.