CoinView App Review: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Management App

CoinView App Review: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Management App

The only way cryptocurrency traders can succeed is when they can quickly make precise decisions on their opened trades, in order words, knowing when to buy or sell cryptocurrencies for gains.
There are undoubtedly lots of platforms to get the right information, but there are only a few applications where you can get all the information you need all in one spot. The CoinView app is one of such apps to have on your mobile devices.
CoinView presently has a lot of features onboard and is continuously working on extending the functionality of their free services on daily bases.

The Benefits

Market Coin Price Monitor
CoinView helps you track prices of over 30 major cryptocurrencies in the market today. These prices are gotten from different platforms to which the app is connected. These save you the stress of visiting multiple platforms.
CoinView App Review: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Management App
Price Ticker With Ranking Features
CoinView displays real-time prices of over 2,200 trading pairs via multiple cryptocurrency exchange platforms side-by-side. Prices can be tailored to display daily, weekly, monthly, and even historical price charts to help make accurate decisions. But not just crypto-to-crypto prices, CoinView displays prices against fiat currency rates as well, which are the USD, EUR, AUD, JPY, KRW, and CNY currencies. Also, prices are ranked by top gainers and losers ranking system. This shows outright what pair is doing well and which is not.
You definitely can’t invest in every opportunity in the market right now. Which means you’ve got top choices, either the ones you’ve invested in or those you are looking to invest. The watchlist function allows you to add your favorite coin up on the default screen. From there, you get to see every information needed at first glance.
ICO Watch
With billions of people in the world, today having different ideas that can change the world. Keeping track of new opportunities is hard. With an ICO section on the app, users can keep track of the best Initial Coin Offering for best investment opportunities.
Price Alerts
The app can notify you when a particular price is reached. This is helpful if you are looking to buy/sell at a specific price. There’s now no need to sit all day in front of your PC; you can always get a reminder when it’s time while you get on with something else.
Market News Reports
One of the most critical price determinants is news reports. Just a word from top influencers could make you a ton or make you lose a lot. Therefore, the need to get every detail about happenings in the crypto world isn’t an option.
CoinView aggregates relevant news reports from top platforms in the world giving you an edge over all other investors.
CoinView App Review: The All-in-One Cryptocurrency Management App
Features To Come
The App developers are working to make the CoinView app all you ever need. The app will in future have multiple wallet features. This means you do not require separate apps to hold your cryptocurrencies as well.
Based on features mentioned above, it’s certain the CoinView App will be One of the great apps you’ll always be needing. Click here to download the CoinView app for your Android devices.

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