Cardano (ADA) Records Impressive Gains As The Project Plans A Re-think Of Its Roadmap

Cardano (ADA) Records Impressive Gains As The Project Plans A Re-think Of Its Roadmap

The market after a bearish couple of days has today began recording gains. Although there has been little movement from the crypto leader, altcoins seem to be determined to rally. At the time of press, Bitcoin is recording marginal gains of a little over 1%.

It’s closest rivals by market cap, XRP and ETH are recording gains of 1.97% and 3.17% respectively. Further down the list, other altcoins are recording even better gains led by Litecoin (LTC) which at the time of press is surging by well over 12%. Following it closely is Ethereum Classic (ETC) which is up by 4% and Cardano ADA which is up by over 3%.

At the time of press, ADA is trading for $0.038266 with its market cap slowly approaching $1 billion. in the next couple of hours, the coin could re-test the $0.039 position. In terms of ranking, the coin remains two spots short of the top ten ranking.

Cardano To Launch New Roadmap Following The IOHK Summit

Cardano’s price surge comes amidst reports that the project will be launching a new roadmap following the upcoming IOHK summit to be held on April 17-18 in Miami. According to the project, the new roadmap will outline Cardano’s new 2020 vision. This is expected to be outlined by Charles Hoskinson in his keynote speech before the same is implemented henceforth.

Although Cardano (ADA) seems to have responded positively to this announcement, the change seems to be rattling a few investors. Currently, the project is funded to 2020 and with much of the promises already not delivered, the change may see the project break down in conflict and confusion.


For now, the project says that it will be removing the timer on the roadmap page and continue publishing intermittent updates on important software.

There are still weeks to go until the summit and it will be interesting to see the trend and momentum ADA takes as we approach this event.

Cardano ADA Price Prediction

Cardano could well continue recording gains throughout the weekend with the momentum being dictated by the top ranking coins. If Bitcoin (BTC) and the top coins can pick up pace and rally, ADA could record impressive gains in the coming days and this could continue to be the trend in the short term.

In the long term, there’s almost no telling, so far it has emerged that no one has a clue when the market will set a more stable and continuous rally. Volatility is expected to continue to dictate the market’s movement for the foreseeable future.