Canadian billionaire and top BSV proponent Calvin Ayre shows support for Craig Wright using “Jesus” as an analogy to prove he is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto

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The delisting of the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) token which was recently reported, has left the cryptocurrency space boiling with mixed reactions from the cryptocurrency community.

While the effects of the delisting of the BSV token is expected the become even more pronounced in the coming weeks, the cryptocurrency space is still undergoing a severity in disagreement as top cryptocurrency pioneers are continually caught up in a war of words, in line with these recent events, top BSV proponent Calvin Ayre has expressed his views on the ongoing issue.

The Canadian billionaire who has consistently shown support for BSV’s Craig Wright has recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing dilemma, which was birthed by Wright’s claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto, which progressively led to the delisting of the BSV token from Binance exchange, Spaceshift and wallet.

Ayre made a series of tweets in Wright’s defense, one of which he used the analogy of the Jesus and the Catholic church to portray the act of Binance against Wright. The tweet read:

“Imagine how the Catholic Church would react to Jesus showing up today.  that is how the high priests of the crypto world are reacting to Craig wanting to now prove in court that he is Satoshi. They are horrified about what he thinks of their stupid plans.”

Prior to this tweet, Ayre had responded to Binance’s delisting of the BSV saying that the BSV token was more “technically superior” to the Binance exchange, however, the removal of the token will result in “global regulation to exchanges”.


While a good number of top cryptocurrency personalities seems to be in support of Binance’s actions, Ayre has revealed that companies in the United States with investments in BSV are preparing to file lawsuits against Kraken exchange, which has now followed suit to boycott the BSV token.