Can Tron (TRX) Topple ETH And XRP To Become The Most Preferred Altcoin In 2019?

Tron (TRX) Still Struggling Despite Key Development Updates, Properly Bullish Above $0.30

In TRON’s early days, the Tron Foundation created the asset as a solution to some entertainment-related problems. However, after a while, they saw that their reach could extend past entertainment and entered Decentralised Applications (DApps).

The TRON platform quickly became a content creator’s dream because it allowed these creators to directly receive payment for their intellectual property, bypassing middlemen who made a lot of money off them as a go-between. Some of the middlemen Tron hoped to unseat include Facebook, Amazon and the respective stores by Google and Apple.

At the time of writing, Tron’s TRX is valued at $0.035 with a market cap of $2.3 billion and recent events have shown that the coin is on its way to do bigger numbers. Here are some reasons why TRON just might be unstoppable.

Increased User Base

A recent report which considered the number of DApp users in 2019’s Q1 showed that TRON has the fastest growing user base. Tron’s 350,000 DApp users are 100,000 more than the number two fastest grower on the list, EOS.

The Ethereum network used to have the best DApps but at the moment, TRON DApps are a lot better than Ethereum’s. This might be because the TRON network is a lot faster and a lot more scalable than Ethereum’s. The report also showed that in the same Q1 period, 20% of new TRON wallets were for DApp users, an impressive 50% surge from the numbers at the start of the year. TRON’s DApp network, apart from its speed, is also a lot more cost-effective.


TRON and Opera

In 2018, the popular Opera browser became the first major web browser to include a native crypto wallet. The wallet was originally created to support Ether (ETH) and also allow interactions with DApps.

Now, Opera has announced that its wallet will now support Tron’s TRX. This move is a great addition for TRON because the firm is now directly exposed to Opera’s customer base which is an estimated 300 million.

It is expected that when this is completely done, all Opera users will easily have access. This is a great opportunity for general adoption of TRON.

Team Efforts

While it’s true that the team behind any project should be given credit for the success of the project, the TRON team just might require extra credit. The critically acclaimed team is regarded as one of the best in the entire crypto industry.

Led by Controversial Justin Sun as founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the team has successfully launched its own mainnet, some decentralized applications and also Project Atlas which allows torrent seeders to earn TRX tokens in exchange for their bandwidth.

The TRON Team has also successfully collaborated with major players in the crypto, entertainment and gambling industries to foster partnerships for future development.

If TRON continues with this trajectory, then the firm along with its TRX does have a strong chance of becoming a favorite altcoin in the crypto sphere before the year is over.