Expert Says Bitcoin Should Continue Pumping To The $9700 Range

Bitcoin Recovers to $8,000 – Why The Market Sentiment Is Now Different

Popular Cryptocurrency trader and investor Josh Rager says he believes that Bitcoin will keep up its recent price push. In the short term, he predicts the digital asset will close in on $9400 soon.

“I’ll continue to be bullish on $BTC until we hit between the $9400 to $9700 area (even if BTC retraces to $8400)

Being that’s the 0.382 fib from Bitcoin ATH to cycle bottom & some major horizontal resistance areas

This could be a place where some ‘larger players’ take profit”

Rager says that prices could swing back to the mid $8000 range, but the overall market sentiment remains bullish.

“From a bearish perspective

One could also suspect a $BTC pullback prior to the $9400 to $9700 level because this is the most expected place

Being that level is so obvious, it wouldn’t be the crypto market without a few surprises as price action rarely goes as expected”

Rager’s options are not uncommon. Many experts in the cryptocurrency sector are predicting both short term and long term gains.

Rager has been claiming Bitcoin was in for a huge rise for a while. Only a few months ago he predicted that Bitcoin was about to enter a parabolic run and that most of the public was running out of time to buy a full Bitcoin.

Back in February, Rager opined on Twitter that regular folks might be running out of time to buy an entire Bitcoin.


“This ‘could be’ the last time the general population can afford to buy an entire $BTC

After 2021 – Bitcoin could move to a market price where most will only buy fractions

Global income per household is debatable, regardless, $BTC speculative value could be out of reach for most”

And Rager is not the only one who thinks an exponential boost is in the cards for Bitcoin. Not long ago, the renowned trader and investor Peter Brandt said that a parabolic run on the horizon as well.

When pragmatic traders predict “parabolic” returns, people take notice.  If the predictions of Rager and Brandt are correct, the price of Bitcoin could top 5 digits soon.