Mainstream Browser Opera Finally Launches Its in-Built Crypto Wallet Feature And Fully Supporting Ethereum

Mainstream Browser Opera Fully Launches Its in-Built Crypto Wallet Feature And Fully Supporting Ethereum

After months of modifications and upgrading, Opera has finally revealed its brand new cryptocurrency-oriented and blockchain features in its browser.

The new browser features were revealed at the Hard Fork Decentralized in London. According to the Executive Vice President of the company Krystian Kolondra, one of the aims of adding the features is to encourage adoption of cryptocurrencies for everyday use as cryptocurrencies are currently viewed with a lot of skepticism and suspicion. He said:

“Our hope is that this step will accelerate the transition of cryptocurrencies from speculation and investment to being used for actual payments and transactions in our users’ daily lives.”

The “loaded” browser which was built for surfing and interacting with the decentralized web (Web 3.0) is now available for Android users to enable them to interact with decentralized apps (dApps), manage their digital identity, and make transactions.

However, for now, the browser and wallet only support the Ethereum network and its token, ETH as well as all ERC-20-based tokens although the company is looking into adding support for cryptocurrencies with different protocols.

Explaining the reason for the choice of Ethereum, project lead Charles Hamel said:


“We’ve decided to support Ethereum, as it has the largest community of developers building Dapps and has gathered a lot of momentum behind it.”

The company had announced it was working on developing an Android version of the browser to have an in-built wallet and a synchronization feature to allow desktop users to connect with the wallets as well.

This is a good addition to the cryptocurrency world as well as a major push for Ethereum which has lagged for quite some time this year.

Co-Founder of Ethereum and venture studio ConsenSys Joseph Lubin said:

“It’s a significant step for one of the world’s leading browsers to add an Ethereum-based [cryptocurrency] wallet and dApp explorer, and speaks to Opera’s innovative roots and commitment to embracing next generation technology. “We see this as an important moment in improving dApp accessibility, opening Web 3.0 to mainstream audiences, and encouraging developers to build on Ethereum.”

The company has languished both in the market with XRP removing its token from the second spot and in the dapp industry as well as Tron posing a big threat. Maybe finally Ethereum can have a boost in its developer patronage, as well as a price surge as users, start to really use the new Opera Browser.