Buying Ethereum Before It Gets To $200, Is It Something You Should Do?

Ethereum Price Watch: ETH Set Make A More Decisive Move In The Next Couple Of Days

A rather peculiar debate is going on Twitter by one DonAlt and other crypto fans. The conversation started when DonAlt posted a tweet about Ethereum. According to him, Ethereum’s price is about to hit the roof, and that this is the best time to jump in the bandwagon.

The Market Is Looking Promising

The crypto market has been on recovery mood for the past few days, with Bitcoin leading the bullish charge. At the moment, Ethereum is clocking around $173 with a total market cap of $18.4 billion. It’s this bullish trend that DonAlt thinks will last to push the crypto up to around $200 within the next 3 weeks.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crypto market especially the top 10 coins have embarked on a bullish trend that has seen Bitcoin achieve a total market cap of over $104 billion. Bitcoin now dominates the crypto market with around 56% as its price nears $6,000. XRP comes third behind Ethereum with a market cap totaling $12.69 billion and trading at $0.30.


DonAlt’s tweet attracted a lot of attention among his followers. Some came out to support his bid while others weren’t so sold on it. According to one critic commenting on the thread, both Bitcoin and Ethereum will soon re-test their lows. Another expressed skepticism, saying that the number of dApp developers and projects on the Tron network has reduced of late, signaling a possible slump.

Still, there are those who felt that Ethereum is on the right track in terms of price action and general market dynamics. One user said that, in fact, the best time to buy ETH was when it hit below $130.

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However, a quick look at both the recent and current market standings for Ethereum suggests that the crypto is bracing for a possible further surge alongside the rest of the market. That said, it wouldn’t be a surprise if DonAlt’s argument turns out to be right.