BTT Can Enrich Over 100 Million Users – BitTorrent Product Director, Pavel Lagutin

BTT Can Enrich Over 100 Million Users - BitTorrent Product Director, Pavel Lagutin

Speaking on what BitTorrent users would benefit sequel to the emergence of BTT, the Product Director at BitTorrent, Pavel Lagutin said millions of BitTorrent users will make money using the peer-2-peer file sharing system.

The director said the major problem BitTorrent had in the past was that users were unable to generate funds using BitTorrent. Users were not motivated because there were no incentives. But now BitTorrent users will be able to earn BTT for doing what they love, uploading and sharing files with peers. When files are distributed, receivers of these files will give up their BTT for files received.

The director stated that although BTT is trading on many exchanges, it is still not an asset to be invested in. Its main aim is to be used on BitTorrent services, that allows a user to pay another user for the services received. BitTorrent has different functional groups which determine the activities performed by each user. These groups are called uploaders, the group which benefits most is known as distribution site owners.

BitTorrent is also a platform where users can share ideas they spent time creating, without looking forward to any personal benefit except fulfilling the desire of people using what they have created. The purpose of using this system determines the group a user will participate in and the benefit to expect.

BitTorrent has a very large network of users and was able to generate $7.2 million through its crowd sales in less than 20 minutes.

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