BTC Or XRP? An Excellent Store Of Value vs An Excellent Payment Network

XRP The Standard? Why Did Coinbase Choose XRP Over Bitcoin?

Some people are Bitcoin maximalists, and some think Ripple and XRP will rule the financial world. But Weiss Ratings is thinking both can be valuable assets well into the future.

Lately, a lot of cryptocurrency advocates have been pushing the idea of Bitcoin replacing gold. And fans of Ripple have always held the belief that XRP would serve as a bridge asset between the crypto world and the traditional financial sector. And Weiss Ratings is thinking these assets could interact with each other in a multi-coin future.

Grayscale Investments has been one of those vocal components of buying Bitcoin over gold. Their argument is that in a digital world, BTC is the future. They have even infiltrated American TV with an ad campaign. If Bitcoin closes in on gold’s market cap, the digital asset would rocket to six-figure sums.

Meanwhile, Ripple aims to provide the worldwide crypto payment system to compliment Bitcoin. XRP can give users a speedy and cheap way to make transactions with no boundaries.

According to Weiss Ratings, Ripple and XRP will soon become the best means to make international transactions. The international remittances industry is one example of an industry that can be turned upside down by Ripple’s worldwide appeal.


Many experts have argued that there is room for a multitude of coins and tokens in the future. Payment systems, stores of value, and smart contract platforms are just a few examples of the use cases cryptocurrencies can bring. And with next-generation cryptos like IOTA, the future also promises to see financial interactions between our devices, tools, and vehicles.

Although some see value in only one digital asset, it is easy to picture a future where a number of are used by the masses. As people become more familiar with the specific uses of different tokens, these coins may start taking a more defined role in society.