A Global Digital Currency For All: Blockchain Cruise 2019

Blockchain Cruise Takes Place on the Mediterranean from June 9-13

The legendary Blockchain cruise is here with us again, starting from June 9th-13th. The cruise will depart from Barcelona, Spain and end in Rome, Italy. The summit is anticipated to make stops in Palma de Mallorca where the issue with Digital assets will be discussed.

On 11 June, the cruise will dock at Marseille France where the speakers will major mostly in Blockсhain for Enterprise. At La Spezia 12 June, speakers will be expected to look at issues on investing in Crypto Funds.

During 4 days, the event is expected to be graced by more than 2000 attendants from approximately 60 countries across the world. These key speakers will be among the attendants:

Pietro Lanza: IBM Blockchain Director

Ajit Tirtha: ConsenSys


Matthew Arnett: the co-founder of PO8 technology

Don G. Cornish: Grand Bahamas administrator

Dr.Larry SangerI: the co-founder of Wikipedia

Tone Vays: Derivatives Trader & Consultant

Gordon Einstein: CryptoLaw Partners

Olga Feldmeier: Smart Valor

Dr. Johnna Powell: Advisory Partner at ConsenSys’ US

Andrea Bonaceto: Founding Partner & CEO at Eterna Capital

Brad Yasar: CEO & Co-Founder of Beyond Enterprises

Beatrice Collet: Managing Director for the Chiliz Blockchain Campus, Truevo Payments Ltd

Sergii Vasylchuk: CEO & Co-Founder of Attic Lab

Stani Kulechov: CEO & Founder of Aave and ETHLend

Naeem Aslam: Contributor at Forbes.

In the conference, discussion and talks will major mostly in the main trend of the year,  Blockсhain technology, and how it comes to different fields of business:

  • Issues concerning Blockсhain for enterprises and STO.
  • The successful implementation of Blockchain technologies.
  • Sharing of trade Blockсhain platform and Blockсhain Applications and their usability.

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