Unboxing the $1000 Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet – The Titanium Trezor Model T

Unboxing the $1000 Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet - The Titanium Trezor Model T

What is the Corazon?

The Corazon is a daring experiment in mechanical and technological artistry by the Trezor and GRAY® families designed to reflect the excitement of the cryptocurrency revolution. These hardware wallets are built upon the software and electronics of the Trezor Model T and housed in an aerospace grade titanium case CNC machined by GRAY®.

The Corazon like the Trezor Model T acts as a single-purpose computer designed to keep your digital assets safe. It connects to your computer via a USB cable and has a large color touchscreen that enables on-device PIN and passphrase input. Additionally, its Password Manager helps you manage your online credentials. Corazon supports major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash…) as well as hundreds of other altcoins

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Unboxing the Corazon

Unboxing the $1000 Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet - The Titanium Trezor Model T


The Corazon comes in a luxurious matte black box with white printed graphics, there are 2 security seals on the top and bottom opening of the box with the Trezor and GRAY® logo on it. If you find that the seals have been removed or tampered with, do reach out either to Trezor or GRAY® immediately.

As you open up the exterior paper box, it will reveal the main box within. On this box the words ‘CORAZON’ are printed on the front.

Lifting the box up, it reveals the device. From first glance, the Corazon looks like a telecommunication device right from the future. Cutting ridges break the profile of the Corazon, creating an angular design inspired by the aerodynamic shape of hypersonic planes and spaceships. The mechanically textured surface, also creates a tactile sensation that elevates the Corazon into another dimension. This stunning texture according to GRAY® is the result of specially engineered cutting tools and a unique CNC machine tool path made by their most trusted artisans, impossible to be replicated by hand and serves as an anti-cloning mechanical fingerprint that GRAY® can identify, adding an additional layer of security to the device.

Backview Corazon Cryptowallet Titanium Trezor Model T

On the back of the Corazon you should see a sticker with the CE and FCC logo which can be removed.

Pull the fabric tab on the top to reveal the second layer below which contains a sleeve that has all the paper documents neatly placed.

Unboxing the $1000 Corazon Crypto Hardware Wallet

In the sleeve you will find:

  1. The Corazon user guide
  2. Recovery Seed
  3. Stickers of the GRAY® logo
  4. Stickers of the Trezor Logo
  5. GRAY® metal card
  6. Trezor metal card
  7. FCC Statement

Metal Wire Corazon Cryptowallet Titanium Trezor Model T

Pull the fabric tab to reveal the third layer below which will contain a custom metal GRAY® USB – A to USB – C wire with their logo engraved on both ends.  

A Smooth User Experience Just Like The Trezor Model T

Just like with Trezor Model T, the guide in the package tells you how to get the Corazon initialized. The process is pretty straightforward and the interface guides you through the whole process. The most important point is to write down your recovery seed and to store it in a safe place. The recovery seed helps you to recover your funds in a different Corazon or Trezor in case you lose or damage yours. However, it is also the key to your funds in case somebody steals it from you. It is recommended to store it on a piece of paper or a more durable material and keep it in a locked drawer that only you have access to. You should also enable PIN protection right from the beginning.

Corazon also uses the standard and battle-tested Trezor Wallet, the web interface, which is easy to use even for someone new to crypto.  Select the desired cryptocurrency in the left-hand menu, and you are ready to go. The user experience is very smooth and secure. It requires the user to confirm each outgoing transaction or address generation directly on the device. This means that you do not have to trust the computer you are connected to.

As mentioned above, the touchscreen is a nice improvement to the user experience. It allows you to enter your PIN directly on the device, which is not only extremely practical but also protecting you from key-logging attacks on your computer. It also allows users to enter the passphrase using only the touchscreen.

Enhanced Durability and Security

The Corazon based off the software of the Trezor Model T offers the trademark security of all Trezor devices with its firmware open-sourced and public on GitHub. The community and security experts were, therefore, able to audit the device and anyone can test it for themselves. Unlike some of the competing products, there is no secret black box.

Corazon Trezor Model T Titanium Crypto Hardware Wallet Mechanical Texture

GRAY® has also included some additional security measures of their own. Firstly, the Corazon has a mechanical texture that serves as anti-cloning mechanical fingerprint that GRAY® can identify, adding an additional layer of security to the device. Secondly, the Corazon has a special tamper-proof design incorporating the use of hooks and latches, the titanium case encloses the electronics and are snap fitted together making it unremovable without someone damaging the outer case.

The Corazon is delivered empty with no pre-installed firmware – this is done during the set-up process. It is PIN-protected and allows you to label your device and change its home screen to make it instantly recognizable, so that it cannot be replaced by a fake once you set it up.

All the important settings, transaction signing and receiving address generation require on-device confirmation. Private keys are kept in an isolated environment, so the chances of them being stolen without the user compromising the recovery seed are extremely low. Thanks to the touch screen, the device requires no input from the keyboard of your computer, making it extra safe against malicious attacks.

The Most Luxurious Crypto Hardware Wallet In The Market

Corazon gold stealth titanium Trezor Model T Titanium Crypto Hardware Wallet 8

The Corazon is by far the most luxurious crypto hardware wallet in the market in terms of its futuristic design and materials. No effort was spared too in its packaging design, where opening it layer by layer to reveal the different accessories was a captivating experience in itself. Having it built on the Trezor Model T is also a huge plus due to Trezor’s reputation for security.

This however does not come at a cheap price. There are 3 models in the Corazon Collection consisting of the Corazon Titanium, Stealth and Gold which are priced at $695, $995, and $1495 USD respectively with the Stealth and Gold being limited to 500 and 100 pieces worldwide.

Corazon Stealth and Gold Trezor Model T Titanium Crypto Hardware Wallet 8

The Corazon Stealth and Gold are also machined from Titanium but coated with an additional PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coat – the most durable colouring process available for materials such as titanium and popularly used in the luxury watch industry. These models are limited edition with their serial numbers laser engraved onto the back of the case.

The Corazon collection ships worldwide from GRAY® based in Singapore via Fedex and is now available for sale on their website.



  1. Futuristic design
  2. CNC machined from aerospace grade titanium for extreme durability
  3. Limited edition to 100/500 pieces worldwide for selected models
  4. Open sourced security based on the Trezor Model T
  5. Coloured touch screen
  6. Intuitive user interface and experience
  7. Supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies


  1. Price
  2. Slightly bigger and heavier than most wallets


Dimensions: 74.8mm x 42.5mm x 13.5mm

Weight: 67g

GRAY®  Company Background

The GRAY® brand, founded and based in Singapore, owes much of its distinctive character to the city that they call home. Inspired by the technologically advanced city-state, GRAY® was born to be the periscope into the future, to inspire those who will shape it. Rebels at heart, GRAY® ‘s designs have no history as their heritage is the future, their creations are daring experiments in mechanical artistry, engineered with the most advanced technical materials possible.

To date they have created the most exclusive and luxurious tech accessories for the iPhone, Samsung & Macbook, cryptocurrency hardware wallets, and a range of daily accessories such as writing instruments and card wallets. They have been featured prominently on Business Insider, The Verge, Bitcoin.com, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Unbox Therapy and many more publications.

Trezor & Satoshilabs Company Background

SatoshiLabs is the innovator behind some of the most pivotal and influential projects with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The most prominent projects include Trezor, the world’s first cryptocurrency hardware wallet, or CoinMap.org, the primary resource for bitcoin-accepting venues.

Trezor Model T, on which the Corazon is built, is the next-generation hardware wallet, designed with experience from the original Trezor in mind, combined with a modern and intuitive interface for improved user experience and security. It features a touchscreen, faster processor, and advanced coin support, as well as all the features of the original Trezor One.


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Quotes from the CEO & Creative Director of GRAY®, Kevin Wu:

“As a believer in the crypto industry and the huge positive effects that it would have on society myself, we are beyond excited to bring our expertise in design and advanced material application into the market through the Corazon hardware wallet.” – Kevin Wu, Founder, CEO & Creative Director

“Since the crypto industry is so young, most companies are focusing on building tech and making things work and are not focusing on aesthetic design. While most design houses are avoiding this industry at the moment, we believe in the potential of the crypto industry and want to do our part for the community by bringing exciting hardware designs into the market because the community deserves it.” –  Kevin Wu, Founder, CEO & Creative Director

“We really love titanium and have been using it for most of our products as its strength to weight ratio is unmatched in the industry, almost 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel it is only half its weight. This makes the Corazon the most durable wallet in the market which will last you a lifetime.” –  Kevin Wu, Founder, CEO & Creative Director.

Contact information

Head of Public Relations –  LeonardWee@gray.sg, +6596882136

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