BitMEX Exchange moving into world’s most Expensive real Estate Market

BitMEX Exchange moving into world’s most Expensive real Estate Market

The Cheung Kong Center in Hong Kong’s Central district hosts many of the most powerful and influential business in the world.  Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Barclays Capital, BlackRock, McKinsey & Co and PricewaterhouseCoopers all have offices located in the building in the heart of the most expensive real estate market on earth, and now BitMEX will find a home on the 45th floor of the famed Cheung Kong center as well.
BitMEX can boast the second highest trading volume of any cryptocurrency exchange and has experienced rapid growth in total users over the past year.
BitMEX separates itself from many other exchanges by offering futures contracts on many different cryptocurrencies, allowing investors to speculate on the future prices of the most popular coins.
The exchange’s high volume of trading accounts for nearly 30% of the entire market and the company’s success has lead them to opening up shop in the most expensive real estate market in the world.
With rents in the midst of being hiked up in Hong Kong’s Cheung Kong Center BitMEX will actually pay a record high $28.67 per square foot, or $573,000 per month to be housed among the world’s most influential businesses.
This is a power move not only for BitMEX, but it shows the entire financial sector that cryptocurrency is growing and speaks to the legitimacy of the new technology.  Real estate prices are expected to continue to grow in the competitive Central District going forward.