Bitcoin Newbie Loses His Bitcoin To A Youtube Video Scam

bitcoin youtube video scam

A bitcoin Newbie  with the Username of “Naganua” on bitcointalk  has reportedly lost his hard earned bitcoins to a youtube user who scams newbie`s with scam tutorials on youtube and then deceives  them by  getting their backup phrase and for them to release their bitcoins unknowingly .
Naganua stated…

My ID in blockchain  368ac49b-9f06-440f-b4ef-58343905e5bc
Yesterday I want get BTH on my blockchain wallet and finded video I make step by steps by this video and as result all my money was stolen.
As I understand today thieves can do this after know my Backup phrase of 12 words and sent my money to 1Be7Ej9WA8ioDuqrRKCaGcCBM6Uu3Mci53. I don’t know all this nuances, please help me return my money.

bitcoin user gets scammed from a youtube video scam
Though this is one of the things that strive to give cryptocurrency a bad name and cause unnecessary insecurity and panic, Newbie`s are encouraged to always do good research but should never disclose your backup phrase/ password or anything at all that has any connection with your bitcoin wallet apart from your bitcoin address.

Whilst Checking the bitcoin address on blockchain, it is seen that the address has received more than 65 bitcoin, apparently from other users who fell victim to the video scam.

bitcoin address scam

We also tried to check up on the video on youtube and we found out that the user closed his Youtube account immediately after hunting his preys.
bitcoin scam youtube video deleted