Bittrex User Narrates How He Almost Lost His Funds To A Phishing Site

phishing bitcoin sites
image source: bitcointalkradio

As Narrated by ‘medictom’ on steemit .

He Almost lost his funds to scammers through BLTTREX.COM, whilst checking the domain name it now redirects to apparently to still deceive some users to think that it is owned by Bittrex and maybe later remove the redirect and hunt its preys.

Medictom typed in Bittrex on google and the ad with popped up at the top of the search page ON Google, he did not notice that it was an L instead of I, so he clicked on it to log in to his account.

bittrex phishing websiteAnd then after putting in his email and password, another popup came up looking exactly like the google verifying page, asking him to grant permission to his Google account and password.

As he was about granting permission a red flag thought came into his mind, he now quickly remembered that he has logged into Bittrex hundreds of times and was never asked to grant permission to his google account, that was when he properly checked the URL and found out that it was instead of


Luckily for him, the scammers had already started trying to log into his account, but he quickly changed his passwords and other core info and all his funds were safe.

When I was also checking the web, I also discovered another Bittrex phishing scam website, which also has the same design and the same login page as and also at the top of the google search when you type in Bittrex on google search…… phishing scam site phishing site

Scammers keep on trying to rip people off their hard earned money and also bring in a bad name for the crypto community.

We also brought you a news report on how a Newbie lost all his bitcoins to a youtube scam tutorial video.

Whilst this can be very dis-heartening ZyCrypto advises its readers to always be very careful, whilst logging in to your exchanges and wallets.

Always properly check the URL and confirm that it is the correct URL and also enable 2-factor authentication with the AUTHY App and you should also enable email verification on all exchanges/wallets that you trade on before your funds can be sent out.