Scams Alerts and BTC-e Overview


We saw a couple of scam adverts being promoted on Facebook and all other social media platform, we saw an advert on facebook with blockchain logo
Cover artAnd the page name as.

Blockchain Bitcoin Protection for Segwit2x, UASF Fork.

Asking users to send their bitcoins to a specific address the fraudsters provided so as not to lose their bitcoins that their bitcoins will be transferred back to them after the fork, for newbies bear it in mind that blockchain or any genuine bitcoin wallet provider will never ask you to do such.

scam on facebook

Beware of such Scams as they are now rampant and their main targets are newbies in cryptocurrency, and you should always try to educate the newbies so as not to fall prey for the fraudsters.

BTC-e Overview

As posted on Domain-gang that the domain of BTC-e has been seized by the US government.

This might pretty much mean that the Federal authorities are most likely in control of the assets of BTC-E, including Bitcoins.
Russian national, Alexander Vinnik, is been charged with 21 counts of fraud and money laundering for his role as a BTC-E operator.

Though it is not yet 100% confirmed, we are still on the lookout for more confirmations if the exchange is entirely gone due to the Greece man arrested for laundering money through BTC-e.


Meanwhile, some scammers are now sending emails to users claiming as BTC-E as seen on Reddit. ,

Scam post on reddit
scam post on reddit

We still Advice no one should fall prey to this Advanced Scammers.