Bitcoin Is Now More Valuable Than Many Popular Companies


Bitcoin – the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency is gaining more popularity with each passing day partly due to its volatility and an ever rising market price. Recently Bitcoin has been experiencing a robust bullish rally, taking the Bitcoin price to above $9,800 mark.
Analysts say the bullish rally is as a result of the acceptance and integration of Bitcoin by institutional investors like the France based TOBAM Asset Management Company, the CME Group, CBOE, JP Morgan, Seoul Based Shinhan bank and many more.
It is also important to note that Bitcoin is accepted as a legal tender and store of value in many countries of the world. All the above factors have led to the recent Bitcoin bullish rally which has made the Bitcoin value to surpass the value of many famous companies in the world.
Here we have carefully compiled a list of some famous firms Bitcoin value is bigger than.
In No Particular Order
International Business Machines (IBM) is an American Information Technology company, founded in 1911, with its headquarters in Armonk, New York. The company has over 380,000 employees.
As at press time, IBM had a market capitalization of $140.70 and ranked at number 19 on the Forbes list of top regarded companies.
Walt Disney
The California based animation giants founded in 1923. Disney has an employee base of over 195,000. The company’s market cap is at $155.24 billion. It’s currently ranked number 5 on Forbes list of top regarded companies.
McDonald’s has a market Capitalization of $135 billion. The fast-food giant’s value is still way below Bitcoin’s market cap at $166.39 billion
PayPal used to be a big player in the payment ecosystem. It’s a digital payment company headquartered in California. PayPal has a market cap of $93.56 billion which is way below Bitcoin’s value. Who needs PayPal when there is Bitcoin?
Bill Gates The CEO of Microsoft is worth $87 billion.
The preceding is just a few of the companies Bitcoin’s market capitalization is currently more significant than. Although the cryptocurrency’s liquidity and volatility make it one to be handled with great caution, analysts believe Bitcoin’s value will continue to surge.
If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, brazen up for after every massive rally comes a period of correction and after every session of Bitcoin bloodbath comes another phase of record-breaking all time highs.
With Bitcoin, there’s never a dull moment!