Will Bitcoin Hit $3000 Before August 1st ?

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Last few days there was a lot of red in the market, this was caused by the bitcoin split chain news said to occur on August 1st.

Bitcoin price came down to $1800+ in the last few days due to the heavy panic of the bip148 split chain, as bitcoin price went down it also dragged down the price of other altcoins, As ethereum price passed down the range  $150.

Bitcoin had been predicted to decrease further in the run-up to Aug. 1, the date when the likeliness of a hard fork occurring would become clear.

The sudden price rise of bitcoins and some other altcoins came as a result of the news of most miners agreeing on bip19 which is considered safer against the bip148 split chain.

Right now Bitcoin price is at $2382 and Ethereum price is at  $240 both prices on coinmarketcap.
Bitcoin heading to 3000


The bitcoin price might get to $3000 or even more as people are less panicking now, and a lot of trades are going on in the bitcoin market because of the relief which is accrued because of about 85%+ of miners agreeing on segwit bip19 and panic that was ongoing in the last few days.