Binance’s CZ shares bits of his Bitcoin Bear Market Story from 2015

Binance's CZ shares bits of his Bitcoin Bear Market Story from 2015

It is certainly not “world’s cryptocurrency reminiscing day”, still, there’s been an innumerable amount of throwback stories from Bitcoiners. A reaction to the bearish reign, mostly expressed with anger, pain, and disgust, but for the likes of Binance’s CEO Zhao Changpeng, who had previously assured users to stay put and persist through the bloodbath, the story may have been intended to stir hopes in the hearts of investors and traders who have lost tons and tons of figures in the last seven days. Although he termed the story “lame”, users begged to differ, as they cheered him on and dubbed it an inspiration to new and incoming investors.

CZ made this reveal via Twitter, saying ;

“I wish I could tell you my lame story from 2015, when the $btc price “crashed” to below $200, and I just sold my house and bought in at $600 a few months earlier…  Well, I am still here”.

Apparently, the story is aimed at urging holders to make long-term decisions with their cryptocurrency investments with or without the crisis. “It’ll pay off” one comment affirmed, but a small number still maintained their position that CZ was simply one lucky fellow who invested at the right time, establishing that the downswing in the cryptocurrency market at present is a result of the harsh war, one which is largely different from the crisis from CZ’s time. “If you were on the Titanic and know it’s sinking you would stay… get real.” one user said.

Another user teased that he was set to follow suit and sell his condo, along with some heirlooms to load up the market, but was dissuaded by top Bitcoin trader Tommy Mustache, to instead trade on less significant properties.

The Twittersphere, hungry for a detailed narrative, pleaded with CZ to continue his tale. But the CEO who was having a rather stressful day had declined to go on.


In his words ;

“…too busy with work to tell that (lame) story in detail.  Today is a busy day.”