Binance Coin (BNB) Heads Toward $30 With A $4 Billion Valuation

BNB Token to Hit New All-Time High as Binance Chain Launches

Binance Coin (BNB) has been doing well and hitting new major milestones. From the recent happening on Sunday, May 19, BNB’s marketcap was freshly valued at over $4 billion as it heads towards $30 per coin.

BNB Hits New Milestone

This definitely is incredible news for BNB coin holders, users of the exchange, and the crypto community as a whole.

The new feat isn’t surprising, Binance has had a lot of great announcements which have been positively received by the community in the past few months. Part of which is the launch of the highly anticipated mainnet of the Binance Chain.

That aside, there have been over a hundred cryptocurrencies available for trading on the Binance exchange platform since the beginning of 2019.

Also, Binance recent coin burn, which is the 7th, happened on April 16. These, out of many, have made Binance, and BNB – the Binance coin – top choice among others.


Positive Outweighs Negative

Despite the recent hack on the exchange, the Binance community has shown a lot of support and are very excited about the future. This can be attributed to the way the company’s founder, CZ handled the situation.

ZyCrypto has earlier reported the hack on the 8th of May. Binance had been hacked, with the hackers making away with the sum of 7,000 bitcoins valued at $41 million at the time.

Coin Price

The BNB price rally started roughly in January 2019. From January 18 to April 18, BNB spiked from $6 to $21, which was well over 200% growth.


BNB – the 7th most valuable cryptocurrency currently trades at $29.08 with a market cap of $4.1 billion.