A Perfect Cryptocurrency With No Flaws, Is It Ripple’s XRP?

Crypto Enthusiast: XRP Will Overtake Bitcoin For #1 Crypto By Q3 Of 2021 And Hit $109 By 2022

A seemingly very confident twitter user is challenging people online, and not with something meaningless. This user, going by the handle XRP Research Center, has made it their business to expose other crypto’s flaws while daring anyone to identify anything negative about XRP. The user sent out a detailed tweet to that effect.

Bitcoin And Its Kids Have Issues

In the tweet as well as subsequent additions, the user threw a jab at Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, saying that the Bitcoin network is currently struggling with over 50,000 unconfirmed transactions. That notion is probably meant to draw attention to the fact that the XRP network is one of the fastest in the market.

The user went on to note that Bitcoin Cash has suffered an error that led to an unplanned hard fork, prompting a huge bug fix.

ETH, ETC, Tether, Monero Have Their Battles Too

Going on, the Twitter user had some more shade to throw on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and Monero. The user claimed that Ethereum developers promised to improve the network’s scalability within 24 months, a feat they’re yet to achieve despite multiple delays.

On its part, Ethereum Classic hasn’t been as it has been a victim of double-spend attacks while Tether has been revealed not to be 100% fiat backed as originally claimed. As for Monero, the network has already lost about 70% of its operating hashrate amid rumors of being prone to flooding attacks that can make transactions traceable despite the crypto being touted as a privacy coin.


Stellar And Tron Are Struggling With Centralization

The user wasn’t done with yet. According to them, Stellar and Tron are not decentralized. The user gave the example of Tron’s CTO who left the network and accused the company of having tendencies similar to a centralized network.

Since the user sent out the tweet, a lot of the comments are positive and mostly from other XRP fans. As such, the user is yet to get a serious response pointing out an XRP flaw.