While Binance is famous for being the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform by trading volume till date, it’s coins are not exactly making rounds in the Cryptocurrency market.
However, in a remarkable turn of event, the path for the Binance coin BNB seems to be holding a little glimmer of hope this Sunday, which is rather unusual in the cryptocurrency market as losses tend to flood the weekend.
In the last 24 hours, BNB peaked as the highest earning coin with a 5.39% increase in its gains pushing the coin’s price to $16.45 ; the coins highest point since February 2018, while the overall highest price sits a little over $24.

Although other cryptocurrencies are still experiencing a decline in trade volume, BNB coin is progressively appealing to prospective investors as it not only appears to hold enough liquidity in the market with $94.754 in 24hrs trades but prides itself as the only currency out of the top twenty, to record such growth in that time frame.
A decent improvement in BNB/BTC and BNB/ETH ratios can be seen as the coin surpasses Bitcoin with a 5.03% increase and the Ethereum with 4.89%. Consistency in this trend is all the coin needs to hit $17 in the next couple of hours.
Despite the fact that Binance is the only platform to trade BNB and this recent gains can be anomaly due to the unsteady nature of the Cryptocurrency market, a possible increase in the demand to trade the BNB coin might be approaching as it maintains its position as the only other coin asides BTC, ETH and USDT to generate over a million dollars in the span of 24 hours.