Baidu announced its new blockchain based project

Baidu announced its new blockchain based project

The chinese giant company, Baidu, have just released its new blockchain project. Yes! Another blockchain project, after its previous blockchain based products, they keep exploiting the great power of this technology to build its own new tools.
Baidu is a multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products, and also working on artificial intelligence field. It is one of the largest artificial intelligence and internet companies in the world, and is currently ranked 4th overall in the Alexa Internet rankings.
The company is moving beyond its mainly business model, just like Google, and turning into a top technology company with a global presence. Lately it has invested in development and sale of artificial intelligence systems, including transaction devices and self-driving cars.
In February, Baidu launched a blockchain powered crypto pets service, its own CryptoKitties, based on the CryptoKitties craze which almost broke the Ethereum blockchain a few of months ago.
A couple of months ago, Baidu made another big move in the blockchain field with the release of Totem, a new stock photo sharing website, using its own Artificial Intelligence algorithms to scan the platform’s existing database to look for an existing copy of a file to avoid copyright issues.
The copyright information will be permanently written into the blockchain and cannot be tampered with and when combined with Baidu’s leading artificial intelligence map technology advantages the dissemination of works can be traced, can be reproduced, can be monitored, and this will change the traditional picture copyright protection model.” Baidu.
This week, Baidu announced they are working on a blockchain integration in the form of a protocol aimed at reducing mining energy consumption. Chief scientist at Baidu’s blockchain, Xiao Wei said that their new blockchain project is a “compatible developer ecosystem of Bitcoin and Ethereum [that can] not only insert and remove consensus mechanisms to solve the current energy consumption problem, but also support single-chain support of 100,000 concurrent [nodes].”
Their last announcement was a blockchain based game, called “Du Yuzhou” which means

The Universe,” where gamers will interact in space and build new planets implementing blockchain features. In the website, which is only on Chinese, we can find a description like this “an open blockchain interplanetary journey, a magical world made up of all kinds of rare elements where users have a unique planet that can be explored.”

Du Yuzhou is not to launch another cryptocurrency, but a digital society experiment,” Baidu said.