Anthony Pompliano Calls On All Exchanges To Dump BSV Starting May 1st

Anthony Pompliano Calls On All Exchanges To Dump BSV Starting May 1st

The crypto space is ever not with some amusing drama to keep the community awake, and the latest spat pits almost the whole Bitcoin community against the self-declared Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, alongside his BSV partner, Calvin Ayre.

While the online exchange heats up, Anthony Pompliano has stepped out of the crowd to call out for the delisting of Craig’s BSV crypto from all exchanges by 1st May this year. This is in retaliation to Craig’s continued intimidation of people who call him out for his pretentious posing as the Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.  

“Because It Is Right”

Chipping in on the ongoing hot conversation, the Morgan Creek Digital sent out a tweet in support of the delisting. The tweet called on all the crypto community to come out in support of the true Bitcoin. According to Morgan Creek Digital, the call to delist BSV from exchanges should be realized “not because it is easy, but because it is right.”

Craig Wright Vs Hodlonaut

For one, Craig Wright hasn’t been known to be a quiet guy. He’s exceedingly vocal, albeit for the wrong reasons most of the time. In fact, some within the crypto community have branded him a fraud and a con. One such daring person is one that goes by the now popular twitter handle, “Hodlonaut.” Hodlonaut has previously called out Craig as a fraud for trying to claim he’s Satoshi Nakamoto even though he gives no evidence to prove it.


Craig and Ayre have since issued threats to sue Hodlonaut for the “defamation.” In fact, they’ve even offered a bounty totaling 70 BSV ($5,000) to whoever unmasks the face behind the “Hodlonaut” twitter handle.

Binance’s Zhao Steps In

The bad blood between Craig and Hodlonaut has attracted a lot of attention especially after Craig threatened to sue the twitter user. This has made some crypto heavyweights turn heads in contempt. One such person is Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao. Zhao called out Craig for threatening people who don’t agree with his claim to be Satoshi.

Zhao went on to issue his own threat, warning that Binance would delist BSV if Craig and his ilk continue causing a disturbance in the crypto community. To Zhao, Craig Wright isn’t Satoshi Nakamoto. Zhao also made it clear that Binance was ready to take on a court battle against Craig and Arye if they so wish.

Support Mounting

Meanwhile, support for Hodlonaut is mounting. Many crypto fans have now changed their twitter handles to “Hodlonaut.” Also, a special account has been opened to contribute towards Hodlonaut’s legal expenses. The set goal for the fund is $20,000.