MSRise: Rise of Mining Efficiency

Rise of Mining Efficiency

The problem of improving the energy efficiency of mining has already matured in 2015, becoming by 2019 an acute problem of the industry, which cast doubt on any prospects for further development. The share of mining cryptocurrency in global power consumption by 2019 represents a percentage of global power consumption.

Mining went on the standard way to improve energy efficiency:

1) The energy efficiency of individual components of standard technical solutions used for mining has been improved as much as possible;

2) Specialized mining solutions (ASIC) were developed, in which the loss of energy on unproductive equipment operation is minimized;

3) The evolution of specialized solutions has begun in the direction of using more and more energy-efficient technologies (mainly towards maximizing the sealing of semiconductors in crystals). So, in 2019, the industry moves to the technological standard for the manufacturing of 7-nanometer microcircuits;


4) Around the world, the teams began to be created that are looking for breakthrough solutions to drastically improve energy efficiency by using other physical principles for mining.

Exactly that way the development team went, creating a fundamentally new technical solution that can be used to radically increase the energy efficiency of computing.

The board developed by the company takes over control all components of the power consumption of the computing system, which allows with the same power of the computing equipment, to consume substantially less energy, cutting off a significant part of the energy consumption aimed at heating the equipment. involves the further development and production of equipment that rapidly reduces the energy consumption of mining farms for the extraction of cryptocurrency. The project has the following objectives:

1) To reduce the negative impact of mining cryptocurrency on the environment;
2) To reduce the level of monopolization of the mining equipment market by proposing a new competitive solution, and therefore indirectly contribute to a decrease in prices for equipment and to increase the efficiency of mining activities;
3) For the reason of falling prices for cryptocurrency assets, to maintain the efficiency of mining cryptocurrency above zero.

To accomplish these tasks, MSRise plans to attract funds from cryptocurrency investors by holding ICO and everyone can participate following the link: