An Enraged Vitalik Buterin calls Craig Wright a “tyrant”

In other to know the number of Moscow residents that are using the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, a payment service provider Yandex.Money based in Russia and the local Information Technology Department (DIT) partnered to carry out a survey on a sample of 1000 respondents in the Russian Capital out of its population of about 12 million. The survey result shows that about 1% of those living in the Russian Capital are Bitcoin (BTC) users. This could make the survey report unpopular going by the number of persons involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain activities in the country. This means that only about 120,000 persons in the Russian capital uses Bitcoin. The report also shows that the use of electronic money in Moscow is about 16% which is equal to 192,000 residents. The Russian legislature, had been promoting a drafted bill that will help in regulating the crypto market, even though that the bill is yet to scale through considering the effort that the promoters had put in for months now. The significance of the survey is that Moscow residents might be having challenge with accessing Bitcoin and trading on it with cryptocurrency exchanges and merchants in the country. Among the 1000 respondents, 5% of those that to not own any type of cryptocurrencies

Roger Ver is not happy, Vitalik Buterin isn’t happy either. Simply put, all cryptocurrency traders and investors are not having the nicest day today. This can be credited to the tragic event of yesterday’s market crisis that has escalated to the point of knocking out Vitalik Buterin’s own token Ethereum, and the 24-year-old developer is making it clear that while Craig Wright, now termed the “ Donald Trump” of cryptocurrency might be having the time of his life, the bearish crisis on his end is neither soothing nor amusing. The war of words is which is going down on Twitter has seen Buterin spitfire as he publicly calls Wright a “tyrant”.

In his words :

“The best time to oppose a tyrant or lunatic is one year ago. The second best time is today.”

Vitalik’s post precedes a tweet from ViaBTC, a Bitcoin mining service provider who has in the process of replying a user who suggested a partnership with Wright’s Satoshi Vision, firmly stood in opposition saying :

“I am sorry we don’t feel right to support the tyrant or lunatic who wishes to kill BCH and just try to invent a new coin of his own to develop his own mining industry, and wishes kill other companies just out of sheer personal grudge. This is totally unacceptable!”. – ViaBTC”

This is possibly a reference to Buterin and Wright’s 2017 squabble that erupted from yet another tweet where Wright had once again tweeted that he was Satoshi Nakamoto. This was apparently getting on Buterin’s nerve as well as other cryptocurrency personnel, one of whom asked Buterin to call out Craig Wright for being a “faketoshi”.

Buterin did not only hesitate to ridicule Wright’s post, highlighting that his incessant tweets would serve as a good argument against the #no280 twitter character movement, he also called Wright a fraud, saying “stop being a fraud please, you’re not Satoshi”.