After Receiving Bitcoin Gifts, Peter Schiff Could Turn Bitcoin Believer

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If you have to mention top 10 who hate bitcoin with all their hearts, you’ll have to mention Peter Schiff. He is one of those who have talked down on bitcoin. He doesn’t even see any good thing with it. He cares less of the price.

However, of recent, Peter Schiff, who is an avid gold investor confessed he owns some bitcoin. This came as a shock to some prominent members of the crypto community. Peter Schiff confessed he got about $100 worth of bitcoin as a gift.

Schiff’s confession earned him some more worth of bitcoin. Firstly from Morgan Creek Digital Assets cofounder, Anthony Pompliano. Pomp gave him an extra $100. So did some other members of the community, totaling about $2,800.

Peter Schiff Rethinks, Hopes To Become A Bitcoin Believer

Just like the joy of having a baby, Peter Schiff’s bitcoin gifts made him rethink his position on bitcoin. This he noted in one of his recent posts via Twitter saying;

“I will be hosting the 1st ever Peter Schiff Bitcoin challenge live on my Youtube channel on Monday, July 15th at 9 PM EDT. If you think you can change my mind on Bitcoin, here’s your chance.  Bring your best argument and be prepared to defend it.”


Pomp, who wants credit for being the one who will change Peter Schiff’s mind, asks for 15 mins live stream before everyone else takes their shot.

“Want to do the live stream together and I can spend 15 minutes trying to give you a difference of opinion before everyone else sends in thoughts?” Anthony Pompliano asks.

Pomp Gets His Shot, But Even Better

Anthony Pompliano will be getting more than just 15 minutes of a live stream on YouTube as he had proposed. In Pomp’s recent tweet, he confirmed that he, Pomp and Peter Schiff will have a debate on “Bitcoin and Gold on CNBC’s Crypto Trader.”

The debate will be moderated by the show’s very own host, Ran NeuNer. Hopefully, Anthony Pompliano will play his cards right, making Peter Schiff a bitcoin believer.

Warren Buffett, Next In Line

As the bitcoin generals continue to “recruit soldiers”, the community expects Warren Buffett to be the next bitcoin believer. Buffett is one tough nut to crack, he’s one unrepentant bitcoin pessimist. He once called bitcoin a “gambling device” with “a lot of frauds connected with it.”

However, the crypto community looks forward to Justin Sun’s power lunch with the billionaire on the 25th of July. At the meeting, Sun hopes to enlighten Buffett on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and their impact on the ecosystem.