Gold Investor Peter Schiff Rips Bitcoin Prompting Responses From Crypto Influencers

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The Gold vs Bitcoin battle has been heating up. Peter Schiff is a notorious Bitcoin detractor who just so happens to be a gold investor. You can often find him advising his social media followers to stay away from Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Back in May, Grayscale Investments launched their “Dump Gold, Buy Bitcoin” campaign and the comparisons have been flying around on Twitter ever since. Grayscale’s founder and CEO Barry Silbert is one of Bitcoin’s biggest advocates.

He’s never shy about taking shots at gold and investors like Peter Schiff. Silbert has asserted in the past that only gold investors think gold is better than bitcoin and more recently claimed: “Gold bugs just don’t get it.”

Barry Silbert is not the only one who likes to counterpunch Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin attacks. After Schiff’s most recent critique of Bitcoin, a slew of popular Bitcoiners came to the defense of cryptocurrency. Crypto advocates tried to explain that the dichotomy that Schiff explains already exists.


Twitter arguments do not usually end in enlightenment, but Schiff did not engage any further. Others just couldn’t resist throwing some real zingers at Schiff.

The Gold vs Bitcoin debate will not be settled on Twitter. But we can clearly see BTC is outperforming gold’s price performance.