Tron CEO Justin Sun Wins Bid to Have Charity Lunch with Billionaire Investor Warren Buffett

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Justin Sun the CEO of Tron has made a big announcement today as he promised earlier. Sun had earlier said he would make a big announcement on June 3, The CEO will be having a charity lunch with billionaire investor Warren Buffett after winning the 20th Anniversary of the Warren Buffet hosted Charity Lunch, an opportunity he won in a bid with over $4.5 million.

Sun in the announcement said he intends to make this a worthwhile opportunity to pitch the cryptocurrency as an investment opportunity for Buffett who has been an open critic of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He is also bringing other key members of the cryptocurrency community with him to help convince Buffet to consider investing in the industry.

Already, Morgan Creek Co-Founder Anthony Pompliano in a tweet listed some key personalities he would take to the meeting, including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, and Hester Pierce, the SEC commissioner popularly known as Crypto Mom.

While some members of the crypto community see this as a major opportunity to bring in such a huge business mogul as Warren Buffett to the cryptocurrency industry, some don’t think it worth the effort. Crypto analyst Ceteris Paribus said”

“Buffet doesn’t invest in non productive assets, he never will. I don’t understand the fascination with everyone trying to get Buffet on #teambitcoin. It doesn’t matter, Bitcoin doesn’t need Buffett, and Buffett doesn’t need Bitcoin.”

Buffett, however, has expressed happiness that he will be meeting with Justin Sun, even though he is a known critic of the industry. He has on several occasions called Bitcoin names, on one occasion, referring to it as “rat poison”, say only fools invest in cryptocurrency as it “doesn’t do anything”.


Some people have applauded Sun for the initiative to try to bring Buffett into the industry but the question many are asking is whether he will actually listen to Sun and consider investing. If Sun succeeds, it could be a real bump first for Tron and TRX and then for the entire industry. The funds will go into GLIDE, to be used for supporting the needy and homeless in San Francisco, according to Tron Foundation.

Although Sun is yet to reveal the industry leaders he’ll be taking with him, it is hopeful that they will be competent people who can convince Buffett to have a positive view of the crypto sphere.