3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Not So Promising In The Second Half Of 2019

Why Altcoins continue to show glimpses of weakness against Bitcoin

It is a fact that the cryptocurrency market often generates higher returns, yet the risk of investing in some cryptocurrencies are much higher. Most of these altcoins, when invested in, may bring you nothing.

Even with a bullish market and the recent rally of the top coins, experts and analysts around the crypto world dim some cryptocurrencies performance as bad and must be selectively avoided by investors who want good returns on their investments. 

How would an investor know which digital currency to bypass? Let’s take a look at three of the most perilous cryptocurrencies investors might want to circumvent in the second half of 2019 (based on my personal analysis).


After Nano reached its all-time high of about $37 in a massive bullish market stance of early 2018, the cryptocurrency has been one of the weakest performers in the market.

Nano Chart By CoinMarketCap

Nano held a little gain after its listing on major exchanges, but actually, it has progressively become a bad nut as there were so many issues around the project. Nano is currently priced at about $1.08, a price level it has maintained for more than 3 months and doesn’t seem to be bringing any gain for the long term. 


Pundi X

NPXS is one cryptocurrency with a lot of negativity around its space due to doubt about its authenticity and legitimacy, then the lack of even surviving in the market.

3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Not So Promising In The Second Half Of 2019
Pundi X Chart By TradingView

Nevertheless, both Pundi X and Nano are among the top 50 on the cryptocurrency list but have gradually lost traction.


Ripple’s XRP may be the 3rd largest cryptocurrency but it still stands as one of the worst-performing cryptocurrencies in 2019 so far. Many people continue to wonder why its price seems not to beat major expectations this year.

3 Cryptocurrencies That Are Not So Promising In The Second Half Of 2019

XRP has a market cap of $13.7B, and if it can get to even $1, it must be able to make it supply at about $42B, which I think may take a long time. Therefore, taking a critical look, you will notice that it is almost impossible for XRP to reach the $10 mark many have set for the cryptocurrency by the end of 2019

In general, investors must do more research before they make their investments decisions because there is a lot of cryptocurrencies out there that are profoundly affected by the unstable market. Most times, such cryptocurrencies remain stagnant or even deteriorates for the long term when they experience a downtrend. You invest in such coins at your own risk.

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