Bitcoin Whales Move Over $380 Million In Less Than Three Days

Whales Moved Total of $396 Million Worth of Bitcoin in the Past Month

The week is coming to an end and the whales have as usual moved tons of dollars in crypto. The number one cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, unsurprisingly came out at the top with a total of more than $380 million moved in BTC. The top 5 whale transfers were in fact in Bitcoin only, with no other cryptocurrency even coming close.

The 5 transfers were worth almost 40,000 BTC and were from unknown wallets to anonymous wallets. This could be because whales were taking advantage of the huge volatility experienced by Bitcoin during the week by quickly exchanging.

Just yesterday Bitcoin saw some good price gains within minutes, jumping from the 9ks to over $10,500, which presents a good opportunity to make some quick profits and that was just yesterday. Several of such price swings have characterized the market during the week with huge price changes happening within seconds.

As the advantage of crypto transactions, the transactions were cheaper than fiat transactions through banks or other means. All the transactions with almost $282 million in Bitcoin only cost $27 in fees.

Meanwhile, the market has shown signs of recovery from the dip it experienced within the week. The recovery started with altcoins which have all maintained some level of candle glow up to this time. Bitcoin has maintained reasonable gain also at 7.3% in the last 24 hours, maintaining its price above $10,000.