XRP Price at $1k is an ‘Insane Valuation’ But $10 is a Walk in the Park for XRP

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Ripple’s XRP has been in a tough struggle trying to survive in the market especially in the last few days when the market experienced a fresh dip. While many of its fans believe there is hope of significant price growth for XRP in the future, a Twitter user and XRP supporter himself known as ‘Imperator Emhyr’ is of the opinion that XRP can never hit $10,000 contrary to what some crypto community members have said.

According to him, XRP cannot have any significant price surge even though he cannot prove what he is saying at this time.

He said “…I don’t believe it will hit 10k, I believe even $1k is an insane valuation. I personally only see XRP hitting low 3 digits, $100 – $300. I can’t produce facts, as right now it’s the future and I can’t predict it. I’d be happy to be proven wrong, however unlikely.”

Other Twitter users agree with him that XRP cannot attain a significant price, not now and not in the future. Jay SPQR is one of them, but he is open-minded as “there’s one thing I know as a fact! The crypto markets will do whatever the hell they want,he said.

Some are hopeful the asset will eventually soar but only when it becomes very useful as a utility token and when the SEC rules on its status as not a security. Imperator Emhyr agrees with this point but puts his prediction at just over $10 which XRP has a long way to reach because it just hasn’t got off its ass yet.”


I’m not counting on $100+ either, I just see it as a possibility, $10+ I think most of us would agree is a walk in the park for XRP; it just hasn’t got off its ass yet.

XRP has been trying to maintain its price at $0.3 but so far, the battle has been tough and a renowned trader has said this is the defining moment for XRP and it can either shoot above $0.3 or go down to a level it will find very difficult to come out from.

The market has generally been rough in the last two days though and most top cryptocurrencies are struggling as well. When recovery is made, XRP may come out of the current predicament and head to something higher.

As for Imperator Emhyr’s prediction, the market is indeed unpredictable and XRP may end up making significant gains beyond what anyone has ever imagined. For now, all fingers remain crossed and we can only hope for a better future.