Ripple’s XRP Stuck at $0.3 Since December 2018, Is The Market Being Manipulated?

Crypto Enthusiast: XRP Will Overtake Bitcoin For #1 Crypto By Q3 Of 2021 And Hit $109 By 2022

While Bitcoin and most altcoins have been pumping over the past few weeks, XRP lagged behind in price gains. Ripple and XRP still have a strong community of enthusiasts and holders, but some are starting to wonder why the price isn’t moving.

One self proclaimed Ripple fan and proud community member displayed some frustration that the price of XRP has not pumped along with the rest of the market.

The manipulation whispers surrounding Ripple and XRP have been getting louder in recent weeks. A lot of comments on social media are echoing a puzzled sentiment. XRP holders are questioning why other coins and tokens seem to pump on the least bit of good news, but a sustained stream of positive developments isn’t helping XRP breakout.

A few weeks back, the noted trader Peter Brandt indicated that the XRP market as being manipulated. He told his Twitter followers that he sees XRP stuck in a descending triangle, a pattern which usually results in a bearish breakout.

Brandt went on to explain how the manipulation is occurring.


Brandt has made it clear that he would be wary of holding any digital assets besides Bitcoin. Like many other digital assets, XRP is polarizing. Its fans think it will rule the crypto world, but its detractors will go as far as calling it a scam.

Ultimately, Ripple will have to deliver in their attempts to build world-changing financial technology to make XRP a valuable asset over the long haul.