With the current awareness of global warming, ESG blockchain projects like Telos are on the rise

With the current awareness of global warming, ESG blockchain projects like Telos are on the rise

Environmental concerns have hampered crypto’s narrative, and therefore, we witness how these concerns have been looming over the industry. Projects need to be increasingly vigilant and responsible to advocate a prosperous way of showcasing leadership in the industry. 

With the current issues, including pollution, global warming, and increased carbon emissions, offsetting the carbon footprint is one of the most significant challenges due to energy consumption for crypto projects. Adopting sustainable initiatives with a long-term objective is a solution to obtain a neutral carbon footprint. 

While leading the way on ESG initiatives, i.e. environmental, social and corporate governance, Telos delivers blockchain solutions allowing to build decentralized applications with ease. The network is ultra-fast, practically fee-less, efficient, and scalable, thus breaking the barriers of entries for the developer community to build sleek products for mass adoption. Telos focuses on bringing real-world use-cases while helping ecosystem projects moderate the environmental impact of business activities. This is the beginning of focusing on environmentally friendly crypto projects for a greener future. 

As a leading ESG Blockchain, Telos is currently focusing on providing a robust infrastructure to allow developers to innovate around blockchain technology, considering their solutions’ environmental, social, and governance impact to a broader audience. 

Revolutionizing the crypto space through salient features 

Telos is moving the industry towards a greener direction by adopting an integrated approach of improving sustainable practices and mitigating the environmental, social, and governance impact. Telos came into the major spotlight when more than 100+ projects integrated the Telos Network to drive their ESG initiatives. 


Telos is constantly striving to position ESG as a core component of the blockchain ecosystem, wherein it aims to pursue initiatives that are far more socially compliant. It seeks to fuel environmentally safe initiatives, socially cordial and governance inclusive as a basis to design intuitive applications. 

What started as a grassroots initiative has gained paramount importance over the years. Therefore, Telos has expanded its footprint across more than 100 projects in various Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and Gaming sectors. Telos smart contract capabilities are indeed a core architectural component of their ever-growing ecosystem. 

Environmental, Social, and Governance Strategies

The versatility of the Telos Network has much to do with the application of the ESG strategies. On the environmental front, while offsetting the carbon footprint, the central focus is to regulate energy consumption by utilizing inbuilt solutions such as LocalScale, CorcoCoin projects, and SEEDS. An increasing number of crypto projects are adopting green alternatives through the same. 

Concerning social initiatives, Telos is supporting the developer community with adequate resources to develop applications with ease. It provides access to ecosystem tools: The Telos Worker Proposal System and the Telos Resource Exchange. It is committed to funding community projects in the light of driving the adoption metrics. It confers to social responsibilities that benefit society in the best way possible. 

While various projects are decentralized, it is hard to comment if they are truly decentralized in nature. Central authorities devise their excessive power on their crypto projects, scrambling the true essence of decentralization. Telos is powered by DPOS ( Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus, where the network is run by the community, thus democratizing the network. It also has a network of 50 independent node validators who run the network efficiently and smoothly. 

With newer projects playing out, it will be fascinating to witness how the accommodating ESG initiatives will shape the crypto landscape in years to come.